{Review} Bertie’s Cupcakery – Paris, France

{Review} Bertie's Cupcakery - Paris, France | JavaCupcake.com

This past June while in Paris, France I had wanted to visit my friend Cat who owns Sugar Daze Bake Shop and sample her delicious cupcakes.  Unfortunately, once we finally got into Paris, the day was half over and there were so many other places on our list of must-see’s that the cupcake shop got crossed off that list.  (Hopefully I’ll make it back to Paris before we leave Europe and I’ll be able to visit Cat and her cupcakes!)

{Review} Bertie's Cupcakery - Paris, France | JavaCupcake.com

We were on our way to the Notre Dame Cathedral when my husband spotted two women sinking their teeth into a couple of cupcakes.  He immediately stopped the women and asked where they got them!  They directed us to a cupcake shop around the corner and told us that they served their favorite cupcakes in town!  YES!  I was actually going to enjoy cupcakes in Paris!

As I rounded the corner I saw the cutest little store front with Bertie’s CupCakery sign out front! I was immediately impressed with how quaint and cute their store front was.  With only a counter and case for cupcakes inside, Bertie’s provided a small table and chairs outside to enjoy their cupcakes… a perfect place for an afternoon cupcake and coffee!

{Review} Bertie's Cupcakery - Paris, France | JavaCupcake.com

I could immediately tell that Bertie’s CupCakery was an American-style cupcake shop!  All their cupcakes were uniform in size and the piping on the frosting was all the same rosette.  They had a pretty good selection of flavors, including traditional and unique!

Here’s a look at a few of the flavors Bertie’s had in their case (Left to right, top to bottom in the photo below).

  • Speculoos (Biscoff or Cookie Butter)
  • Chocolate Strawberry & Vanilla Strawberry
  • Oreo
  • Lemon Poppyseed
  • Nutella Chocolate & Nutella Banana
  • Vanilla Chocolate & Vanilla Vanilla
  • Chocolate Chocolate and Mexican Chocolate

{Review} Bertie's Cupcakery - Paris, France | JavaCupcake.com

Since I was with my Dad, husband and two kids we settled on four cupcakes (pictured below).  Dad got the vanilla strawberry, Emily the Oreo, Dave chose Pistachio and I got Chocolate Chocolate.  After I took the pictures of our cupcakes, I realized I didn’t pick a cupcake out for Matty!  So, I went back and got the Speculoos for him.

{Review} Bertie's Cupcakery - Paris, France | JavaCupcake.com

First up is the Oreo cupcake!  The Oreo cupcake starts with a moist chocolate cake and is topped with a vanilla buttercream that’s packed full of crushed Oreos all garnished with the cookie part of an Oreo.

If you love Oreo’s, you’ll love this cupcake from Bertie’s!  The frosting is soooooo good.  I could probably eat it be the spoonfull… and if Emily would have let me, I would have licked it all off the top of her cupcake! HA!

{Review} Bertie's Cupcakery - Paris, France | JavaCupcake.com

Dad got the vanilla strawberry cupcake.  I always say that you can really tell a lot about a cupcake shop by their vanilla cupcake.  Is it moist?  Does it taste like vanilla?  Is it dense or does it have a fine crumb?

Well, I’m happy to say that this cupcake passes the test!  Not only was the vanilla cake moist, it has a fine crumb and actually tasted like vanilla!  It was topped with a smooth strawberry buttercream that actually tasted like fresh strawberries, not strawberry flavoring.  I just hate it when cupcake shops use artificial flavoring in fruit flavors!  The real thing is so much better!

{Review} Bertie's Cupcakery - Paris, France | JavaCupcake.com

Mmmmm chocolate.  Yeaaaah.  If you’re a chocolate lover then you’ll definitely be pleased with Bertie’s Chocolate Chocolate cupcake.  Moist chocolate cake topped with smooth milk chocolate buttercream made this cupcake my top pick!

I may have needed a glass of milk to go with it though… the chocolate was so rich and delicious!

{Review} Bertie's Cupcakery - Paris, France | JavaCupcake.com

Of course, my husband Dave picked the non-traditional flavor of Pistachio! This cupcake was a vanilla cupcake topped with a pistachio buttercream.  Now, I can’t say I am a big fan of pistachio flavor, but this cupcake wasn’t too bad.  My husband LOVED it.  The pistachio flavor really came though in the buttercream and paired perfectly with the vanilla cake. The cupcake was garnished with a single pistachio, which was the perfect topper.

If you love the flavor of pistachio, then you’ll definitely love this pistachio cupcake!

{Review} Bertie's Cupcakery - Paris, France | JavaCupcake.com

And we can’t forget Matty’s Speculoos cupcake!  Vanilla cupcake topped with cookie butter frosting and a Biscoff cookie.  A cookie butter lovers dream!  The Speculoos frosting on this cupcake was TO DIE FOR.  Smooth, creamy and oh so good!  If you’ve never had Speculoos before, it’s a creamy spread made from the caramel Biscoff cookie.  You should get some… it’s heaven in a jar.  And this Speculoos cupcake is heaven in a cupcake liner!  hehe

{Review} Bertie's Cupcakery - Paris, France | JavaCupcake.com

And if you don’t believe me… just look at Matty.  He licked off all the frosting first.

{Review} Bertie's Cupcakery - Paris, France | JavaCupcake.com

For someone who didn’t think she was going to taste any cupcakes in Paris, Berite’s CupCakery was a sweet surprise!  Located just blocks from Notre Dame, Bertie’s is the perfect place to stop for an afternoon snack and coffee!  I definitely recommend this sweet bakery to anyone looking for an American-style cupcake in Paris!

Make sure to checkout the last three reviews I did of the bakeries in Paris and London!  And next week, I’ll be announcing the WINNER of the giveaway and sharing the sweets I found in Trouville, France!

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{Review} Bertie's Cupcakery - Paris, France | JavaCupcake.com


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  1. Lauren

    I had a key lime pie cupcake a few years back… AMAZING! It is now my favorite type of cupcake.


  2. Jan R

    I would love a pistachio flavored cupcake…PLEASE!


  3. Alice F

    The wildest and best flavor that I have tried is Key Lime and Jalapeno….. tart, sweet and spicy and out of this world!


  4. Liette

    My son and I stopped at Berties when we were in Paris in March. We are from Nova Scotia, canada and I work with the owners aunt who suggested we go say hello. The cupcakes were spectacular! Best we’ve ever had. We had Oreo, Red Velvet and I think Peanut Butter or Chocolate. I don’t remember anymore but, I can say that it didn’t matter which one we were eating, it was just as good as the one before! The owner is from Newfoundland, Canada too so I was feeling proud as well as full of the best cupcakes ever! Oh, and we sat at that little round table too! It was a beautiful spot.


  5. cheryl

    The Speculoos sounds WONDERFUL!! Where do I find the Biscoff frosting?? I live in Washington state, and don’t recall ever seeing it in a store baking section. Help! I must try it!!


    1. Betsy Eves

      Cheryl – you have to make it yourself using Biscoff or Cookie Butter. :) Try this recipe: https://javacupcake.com/2013/07/original-karamelgeback-creme-cupcakes/


      1. Cheryl

        Thank you, Betsy! I’m on my way to TJ’s first thing tomorrow!! :)

        p.s. I totally enjoy your recipes & blogs! Thank you!



  6. Anna Moe

    Wonderfully written review. Makes me want to go to Paris just to try this bakery!


  7. Jenn

    My favorite cupcake is a french toast with maple bacon frosting.


  8. Regina @ Margarita Bloom

    I think something with blueberries and lemon would be heavenly in a cupcake.

    ♡ Regina ♡
    Margarita Bloom: Beauty & Fashion


  9. Beth @ The First Year

    This shop looks so adorable, it makes me miss being in Paris! And those are some BIG cupcakes!!


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