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White Chocolate Dipped Valentine Fortune Cookies

Looking for a unique and sweet way to show your love this Valentine’s Day? Our homemade white chocolate dipped Valentine Fortune Cookies are the perfect treat to surprise your special someone and add a touch of fun to your holiday celebration.

White Chocolate Dipped Valentine Fortune Cookies |

History of the Fortune Cookie

The fortune cookie is a delicious treat that is often served at the end of a Chinese meal. But where did this tasty cookie come from?

According to legend, the fortune cookie was invented in San Francisco in the early 1900s by a group of Chinese immigrants who were looking for a way to bring a little bit of their culture to the United States.

White Chocolate Dipped Valentine Fortune Cookies |

They came up with the idea of creating a small, crispy cookie that could be filled with a piece of paper containing a message or prediction.

The first fortune cookies were made by hand, with each cookie being individually folded and filled with a personalized message.

As the popularity of the fortune cookie grew, bakers began using special machines to speed up the production process and keep up with demand.

Today, fortune cookies can be found in Chinese restaurants all over the world. And while they may not always contain accurate predictions (after all, they are just cookies!), they are a beloved treat that brings a bit of fun and whimsy to the dining experience.

White Chocolate Dipped Valentine Fortune Cookies |

Flavor Variations

If you don’t have white chocolate, there are a few other options you can use to dip your fortune cookies:

  1. Milk chocolate is a tasty alternative to white chocolate and will give your cookies a richer flavor.
  2. Dark chocolate: If you prefer a more intense chocolate flavor, you could try using dark chocolate to dip your cookies.
  3. Caramel: For a different twist, you could try melting some caramel and using it to coat your fortune cookies.
  4. Peanut butter: If peanut butter is on hand, try melting it and using it to dip your cookies for a sweet and nutty flavor.
  5. Coconut oil: If you’d like a vegan or dairy-free option, you could try melting some coconut oil and using it to dip your fortune cookies. This will give them a subtle coconut flavor and a shiny finish.
White Chocolate Dipped Valentine Fortune Cookies |

5 Creative Ways to Gift Wrap

  1. Use a heart-shaped box: Find a small heart-shaped box and place the cookies inside. You could also decorate the box with ribbon or stickers to make it extra special.
  2. Create a cookie bouquet: Instead of a bouquet of flowers, make a bouquet of cookies! Use a vase or jar and some floral foam to create a base, then stick the cookies into the foam to create a bouquet.
  3. Use a cellophane bag: Tie the top of a cellophane bag with a ribbon and add a few cookies inside. You could add some tissue paper or confetti to the bag for a festive touch.
  4. Wrap in tissue paper: Place the cookies in a pile and wrap them in tissue paper, then tie with a ribbon or string. You could also add a small tag or label with a message.
  5. Make a cookie gift basket: Find a small basket or container and fill it with the cookies. You could also add other small treats or goodies to the basket for a fun surprise.

Valentine's Day

White Chocolate Dipped Valentine Fortune Cookies

White Chocolate Dipped Valentine Fortune Cookies

Yield: 3 dozen decorated cookies
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 36 fortune cookies
  • 1 bag white chocolate chips (I used Hershey's)
  • Assorted Valentine sprinkles
  • Pink gel food coloring
  • Wilton piping tip #4 (or very small round)
  • Disposable piping bag
  • Wax paper


  1. Set out a large piece of wax paper on your counter.
  2. In a microwave safe glass bowl, melt the white chocolate. TIP: Microwave chocolate for 1 minute at 70% heat, stir and repeat. Then switch to microwaving for 30 seconds at 70% heat, stir and repeat until smooth.
  3. Dip 1/3-1/2 of one fortune cookie into the melted white chocolate. With the cookie in one hand, use the other hand to tap the cookie holding hand gently... this will help the extra chocolate drip off the cookie without breaking the cookie.
  4. Once the extra chocolate has fallen off, sprinkle the chocolate with Valentine sprinkles. Set on the wax paper until the chocolate has hardened. Repeat this with 2 dozen fortune cookies. NOTE: You may need to reheat the chocolate if it has become too firm to dip in.
  5. With the last dozen cookies, dunk each in chocolate then set aside to dry.
  6. Once the last dozen has hardened, reheat the remaining chocolate until smooth. Add pink gel coloring to the chocolate and mix until uniform in color.
  7. Spoon the melted chocolate into a disposable piping bag fitted with the very small round tip.
  8. Pipe mini hearts onto the white chocolate and allow to harden.
  9. Once all the chocolate has hardened, the fortune cookies are ready to eat!
  10. Store them in an air tight container or package them as gifts!

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Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty

Friday 14th of February 2014

These look yummy AND easy - which is a big requirement for me to bake anything, lol! #SITSblogging

Betsy Eves

Saturday 15th of February 2014

Great thing about these though... NO baking required!

A Southern Gypsy

Thursday 13th of February 2014

Yum! I love white chocolate and fortune cookies! #SITS


Thursday 13th of February 2014

What a great idea! These would be perfect to send to my daughter in college!

Cathi (@simplycathi)

Wednesday 12th of February 2014

Oh my goodness! These fortune cookies are absolutely darling!! Great idea!!

Carrie @Frugal Foodie Mama

Wednesday 12th of February 2014

Oh, this is such a cute and clever idea for Valentine's Day! :) And easy too. Pinned! Visiting from the SITS Comment Love Tribe this week.

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