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Frosted! A new cupcake shop opens this month in Edmonds, WA

A new Cupcake shop is coming to town and my fabulous readers have been letting me know all about it!!! THANK YOU! Frosted Cupcakes & Cakes, a cupcake and cake shop will open Thursday, August 19th in Edmonds, WA!

You can find out all the details by visiting the Frosted websiteFacebook or Twitter

Below is a recent article on… the owner of Frosted Cupcakes & Cakes was interviewed about her new shop and upcoming opening!

Stefanie Buono, owner and pastry chef of Frosted Cupcakes & Cakes took some time to answer a few questions so we could get to know her as she moves into her new store front this month.

When are you opening up at Nama’s?
Our proposed date to open at Nama’s is Thursday, August 19th

What will your hours be?
We’ll be in operation Thursday-Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 12:30pm-4:30pm

What is your baking background?
I’ve never had any formal training but grew up with an Italian mama who loved to cook and bake.  I credit most of my baking skills to her.  I’ve also had the privilege to work as Pastry Chef at Olives Cafe & Wine Bar for a few years where I obtained experience in the field.

How did you find a passion for cupcakes?
I love the idea of having your own personal mini cake.  There are so many different ways to interpret, decorate and arrange cupcakes…not to mention the endless possibilities of flavor combination’s.  How could I not be passionate!

I think Edmonds is the perfect spot for cupcakes, what do you think makes Edmonds the right place for your store?
I’ve lived in Edmonds for 21 years…I couldn’t imagine opening Frosted in any other town.  Plus, I’ll be the first cupcake shop in Edmonds.  I’m so excited to see how Frosted will be received.

What is your ideal Edmonds Kind of Day?
Definitely taking advantage of the beautiful scenery.  When I’m not in the kitchen baking you’ll probably find me taking a walk by the water.

What is your favorite cupcake?
Good question!  I would say it’s a four way tie between Chocolate with fudge frosting, Coconut with lime cream cheese frosting, Lemon with Passion Fruit Buttercream, and Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting….but wait there’s also Espresso Chip with Mocha frosting.  Make that a five way tie!

Yum, I know I’m excited to try every one of these treats!

All photos from the Frosted Cupcakes & Cakes Facebook page.