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My Sweet Visit to the Cakespy Shop

I am in love with Cuppie.  Cuppie is sweet, sassy, super cute and totally sweet watercolor art creation by the lovable Jessie Oleson of! I got to visit the home of Cuppie and was able to spend some time with Jessie in her fantastic new Cakespy Shop in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, WA.

The Cakespy Shop is hard to miss, there is a GIANT cuppy in the window, a super sweet new neon sign that says “CakeSpy Shop” and a sandwich board on the sidewalk that’s hard to resist after reading!

And of course, I had to get a photo in front of the shop too!

And in the front door, Cuppie is there to welcome us!

Inside the shop is a mural… but not just any mural.  It’s a Cakespy original and it’s got Cuppie!! It’s the cutest thing you ever did see!!

And right next to that mural is where I found Jessie!!

And guess where me and Jessie took a picture together… yup, that’s right… in front of her super sweet mural!  (Her pug Pork Chop too!)

Jessie’s shop is full of sweet Cakespy goodies AND lots of other super cute cupcake, baking, and local sweetness! Here are some of my favorites!

Seriously, how cute are these holiday cards that Jessie just rolled out in her shop!!  Guess what… you can order them ONLINE too!!

This is one of my favorites!

Please… someone… buy me these potholders!!

Up these stairs is an art gallery where, this month, Jessie is featuring art from Mark Geno!

And these super sweet ice cream cones!

I had to pick up a Cakespy T-shirt and a new business card holder too!  There were too many cute things too choose from it was hard to narrow down which ones I wanted!!

I got this shirt,

And this card holder!

And when it’s quiet at the shop, Jessie tucks herself into the front corner of her shop to paint!

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone… but here’s a little sneak peek of what she’s working on now!

So basically, Jessie is one of the sweetest ladies I know in the Cupcake world and I am blessed to know her.  Her shop is fantastically sweet and you MUST GO VISIT HER and buy LOTS of her Cakespy goodies!

You can find Cakespy on the web, Facebook, Twitter and more!! Visit Jessie’s blog,, for all the info!