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JavaCupcake + Jubliee = Love

Last week, the co-owner and business partner of Jubliee Cupcakes & Vintage Candy checked out my little blog then emailed me.  Kimberly asked if I would be interested in meeting with her and Patti, the owner, for cupcakes and general chat about cupcakes and their business.   Of course I jumped on the opportunity!!  

Kimberly, Betsy, Patti

So yesterday, I head over to Jubilee and meet with Kimberly and Patti.  We sat in their cute little shop and sampled EVERY Cupcake they had out that day.  Of course, just having come off of gastric bypass surgery, I only had a little bit of each cupcake.  But HOLY SMOKES were they DELICIOUS!

Here’s the aftermath of my tasting!

I’d have to say that my MOST favorite was the chocolate cupcake with the peanut butter buttercream.  To. Die. For.  Choc PB is already my favorite combo… but the moist chocolate cupcake paired with a rich, creamy, peanut buttery buttercream…. HEAVEN!   This is why it’s my Cupcake of the Month here on the blog!!!

So… as we were eating cupcakes, we were chatting about everything from the flavors, textures of their cupcakes to the local and national cupcake scene!  I was so excited to be asked to give my opinions and feedback on their cupcakes!  To be honest, it was really such an honor and I was so excited to be there!  As we were discussing I realized that WOW, I sure do know a lot about cupcakes!  HA!  More than I really thought I would.  I guess all those recipes, baking experiments, failures and success, plus tasting hundreds of cupcakes really have taught me a lot about what makes a good cupcake!

I’m really looking forward to getting to know these wonderful ladies better!!  I have a feeling that I’ll be giving them lots more feedback and support with their shop in the future!  I believe they are even going to participate in my “Ask the Baker” series (which I’m SOOOO excited for!).

Jubilee has a great thing on their hands… and I see such amazing things for their future!

And… because my camera died the last time I was in their shop, I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of their cute outdoor and indoor seating!

Front Porch

Front Porch

Back Porch

Back/Side Porch

Back Porch