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6 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Hello!

    My SIL is stationed at Ft Lewis and I want to send her some cupcakes….and I came upong your blog! Very fun! What is a close shop to the post that you recommend?

    Allison Perkins

      1. Yummers 2 the 3rd Power Cupcake factory is only about 3 miles if that from Fort Lewis and their cupcakes are outstandingly good! Your Soldier would not be disappointed.

  2. Cupcake volunteer

    Hello out there in cupcake land!
    I have a love affair with baking and sweet treats, especially cupcakes and am looking for a volunteer/intern position at a bakery in Seattle….does anyone have any ideas?
    I am minimal experience other then home baking but this is my dream and I will do whatever it takes to make it work!

    Thanks for the feedback!

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