Cupcake Baking Essentials & Two Giveaways!

Across the web today, 19 of my food blogger friends and I have put together collections of our favorite baking, cookie, cupcake, and kitchen essentials and TWO giveaways to go with them!

Holiday Blog Scavenger Hunt - WIN a KitchenAid Pro Stand Mixer from!

First, on each blog… you’ll have a chance to win some of that bloggers favorite items.  Once you’ve entered their giveaway… you’ll look for a CLUE that will allow you entry to win a Kitchen Aid Pro Stand Mixer!!   Once you collect all 20 clues, you’ll use the phrase you collected to enter to win the KitchenAid Pro Stand Mixer!

So, grab your coffee and dig in… cause this is going to be FUN!  

Let’s begin with my Cupcake Baking Essentials…

These are just a handful of the tools I use every time I’m in the kitchen to bake a batch of cupcakes.  They range from what I wear to keep me clean to what I bake my cupcakes in!  They are all essentials to my success!

Cupcake Baking Essentials |
  1. 1.  Boojiboo Apron – I own three of these apron and I absolutely LOVE them.  Not only are they cute, but they keep  me clean while baking and cooking.  I use my apron every time I am in the kitchen.
  2. 2.  Wilton Cupcake Pan – I know there are a lot of cupcake pans out there to choose from, but I really like the 12-cup pan from Wilton.  It’s sturdy, inexpensive and does the job well.  No need to spend an arm and a leg on a fancy cupcake pan… this one from Wilton is a winner!
  3. 3.  Martha Stewart Silicone Spatula –  I have half a dozen spatulas in my kitchen, but this red silicone spatula from Martha Stewart is one I go to time and time again.  I love that the handle and the are connected and that it’s super sturdy.  It scrapes well and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a good spatula.
  4. 4. German Wire Whisks – I’ve tried many whisks over the years from metal to silicone… but none of them compare to the wire whisks I found at the Tedi € Store here in Germany.   Not only are they very inexpensive, but they work incredibly well.  I bought several of them and won’t use anything else from now on!
  5. 5. German Cupcake Corer – This was another find at the Tedi € Store.  At only €0.50, this cupcake corer was a real deal!  It works perfectly to get out the centers of cupcakes for filling… and at this price, I can afford to have several!
  6. 6.  German Mixing Bowls – When I bake there’s usually a need for more than just the bowl of the mixer.  These mixing and prep bowls come in handy when I need to sift flour or mix other ingredients before adding them to my mixing bowl.  They’re also great for one-bowl batters and doughs.  I also found these at the Tedi € Store!
  7. 7.  Wilton Disposable Piping Bags – I always pipe the frosting onto my cupcakes and every time, I use a disposable bag.   There’s just something about being able to toss it out when I’m finished with that make these bags so convenient.  They’re a must-have for cupcake making.
  8. 8.  Sweets & Treats Boutique Paper Straws – One of the most easy ways to make your cupcakes adorable is to put a topper on it.  I use these straws to make signs, banners, toppers for my cupcakes.    They come in all kinds of patterns and colors.
  9. 9.  Sweets & Treats Boutique Grease Proof Cupcake Liners – Hands down, these are my most favorite cupcake liners.  Not only do they look incredibly cute on my cupcakes, but they hold their color and pattern… no matter what kind of cake I bake in them.  My good friend, Shannon Harvey of Sweets & Treats Boutique keeps me fully stocked with her liners… which is a good thing, cause I’ll never go back to grocery store liners!

Enter to WIN all my cupcake baking essentials!

Cupcake Baking Essentials Giveaway from So, you want to WIN all of these great cupcake baking essentials?  All you have to do is fill out this form below! Giveaway open to US addresses only.  APO/FPO accepted.  Winner chosen 12/15/13. a Rafflecopter giveaway

KitchenAid Pro Scavenger Hunt!

Holiday Blog Scavenger Hunt - WIN a KitchenAid Pro Stand Mixer from!

Oh my goodness! I’m so excited to be giving away my first Kitchen Aid Pro Stand Mixer to my fabulous readers! Entering to win is easy!  Simply visit all the blogs participating, collect all the clues (in order) and enter the winning phrase below! Remember…. you need to collect all the clues before you can enter to win the KitchenAid Pro Mixer!  If you don’t have the correct phrase from the Scavenger Hunt, your entry will be invalid. Good luck!

Scavenger Hunt Clue: WATCH OUT  
For the clue before this, visit Hungry Happenings  
For the next clue, visit Bella Cupcake Couture
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Click on all the blog logos below to enter to win their giveaways and get another Scavenger Hunt code!

289 thoughts on “Cupcake Baking Essentials & Two Giveaways!

  1. Betsy, started your fab hunt, but the link to bella cupcake couture not working from your site, and do not see the hunt when I go directly HELP! Want to continue this journey! Helen

  2. My favorite tool is the cupcake corer, so you can put a fun surprise inside for the person who gets to eat the cupcake! Yum!!!

  3. My favorite tool for baking cupcakes would be my my scoop so they are all the same size. Thanks for this great giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  4. For me, cupcake pans are the most important thing for making cupcakes. Definitely cannot make them look cut without the sturdiness of the specialized pan.

  5. Favorite or must have baking took would be my mixer… which is dying, which is why I need a new one. Also, you can never have one too many spatulas! And the possibilities are endless as to what I’d make with a new mixer. First might be my fave cakes: Italian Cream and Humming Bird, and then I’d like to make some pasta. Def in need of all of these wonderful things!

  6. I love my frosting decorating tips! There’s so many fun things you can do with frosting and the tips helps to make it happen!

  7. I would make cupcakes first if I won this great mixer. Then I would make all sorts of other goodies. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  8. My favorite baking tool would have to be my grandkids. We always bake things together and they are excited to get started on our holiday bake fest coming up soon.

    1. Seriously. Me too. I LOVE aprons and I’m never in the kitchen without one! My neighbor made fun of me for it once… like it was something foreign. Nope, I just love to bake!

  9. My favorite cupcake making tool is my different sized scoops for my different cupcake pans..makes the world of difference.

  10. I came here from Hungry Happenings.

    My favorite baking tool is parchment paper, if that counts as a tool. If not, it’s my air bake cookie sheets.

  11. Well…I don’t do anything without my kitchenaid! My favorite baking tool, though, would have to be a Viennese spatula. These spatulas are amazing for mixing icing colors, scraping bowls, and folding ingredients into your batter. I own 10 of them, so I can use them with each icing color I make when decorating. I LOVE THESE!!!!!!

  12. my favorite cupcake tool is my daughter who makes the most beautiful and delicious cupcakes! She grumble the whole time though having to use my 30 year-old kitchenaid hand mixer which needs to cool down frequently lol

  13. My favorite baking tool is definitely my hand mixer! Just waiting on a KitchenAid to make it better/easier making larger batches!!!!

  14. My favorite cupcake tool is my ice cream scoop! My favorite kitchen tool is my wire whisk, but mine sure needs updating!! Also, I would just to win that that awesome apron because I don’t even have an apron!! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!! 🙂

  15. My favorite cupcake baking tool is parchment paper and silicone cupcake liners 🙂 I love making classy little cupcakes that look a little artisinal with parchment paper or using silicone liners altogether

  16. I really like my silicone cupcake liners– they save me from having to buy paper ones all the time when I bake muffins and cupcakes.

  17. My favorite cupcake baking tool would be a ice cream scoop. it gives the most even amount of batter per cupcake so that everyone of them comes out the same in the end. But from your tools definitely the rubber spatulas. I wouldn’t want to miss a single drop of batter

  18. My favorite cupcake baking tool is my set of decorating tips- it’s WAY faster and easier to add a swirl from a pastry bag than to use a knife!

  19. My favorite tool would have to be my scoop to measure the batter. I was the worst at having different sized cupcakes or WAY over filling the cups. 🙂 I love your blog!! I have learner so much from you….like how to properly frost a cupcake. You’re awesome!!

  20. I don’t think I’ll ever do cupcakes or muffins without my big 2T ice-cream scooper thing from Pampered Chef. Perfect amount of batter in each one, each time! LOVE IT! The 1T scoop is perfect for mini-muffins/cakes, too.

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