{Video Tutorial} Cupcake Piping 101

{Video Tutorial} Cupcake Piping 101 - Learn to pipe beautiful swirls of frosting on your cupcake in 7 different ways! by

Have you ever wondered how to get perfect swirls of frosting on your cupcakes?  Have you ever looked in awe through the glass window at the bakery counter at the perfect mounds of frosting that seemed to be piped perfectly onto the top of your favorite cupcake?  Did you ever think it was possible that you could do that to?

Well… I’m here to tell you, IT IS!  I have created a six and a half minute, very simple tutorial that will teach you to use a piping bag and coupler and how to frost the perfect mound of frosting swirls onto your cupcake!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Disposable piping bag (I used 12in Wilton disposable bags)
  • Coupler
  • Wilton 1M tip (or any medium open star tip)
  • Bakery Crafts 9PT tip (or any large round tip)
  • Scissors
  • Medium rubber spatula
  • Frosting & Cupcakes
  • Video tutorial (below)

The super cool part about this video tutorial is that you can almost any piping tip and create beautiful swirls of frosting on your cupcake.  In the graphic below, I’ve laid out 7 different ways to frost a cupcake using 5 different piping tips… and all you need to do is follow the instructions in the video below!

Please, let me know if you have any questions with the steps listed in the video.  I’m here to help!


{Video Tutorial} Cupcake Piping 101 - Learn to pipe beautiful swirls of frosting on your cupcake in 7 different ways! by

If for some reason the video isn’t showing up in your browser… visit my YouTube channel to view it:


  1. Donna Howard

    thank you!! Finally! Now – hopefully I can do a pretty cupcake!!!


  2. Francesca

    Thsnk you Betsy; such a helpful tutorial.


    1. Francesca

      oops – Thank you*


  3. Tanya

    Betsy-thanks! We have the same pottery from Poland! I am an Army wife previously stationed in Germany also!


    1. Betsy Eves

      Awesome, Tanya! :) We’re headed back in May to add a few more pieces to our collection! (And to replace the few the kids broke lol)


  4. elizabeth

    awesome !


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