Chocolate Nutter Butter Cupcakes

I wasn’t going to write up a blog post for these cupcakes, but they came out really awesome looking, so here it is.  I had a request for my Tagalong Cucpakes, which was easy enough… but because Girl Scout cookies aren’t exactly in season right now, I wanted to top the cupcakes with another cookie, equally as delicious as a Tagalong.  I thought that Keebler made a cookie that was similar to the Tagalong, but of course the commissary here in Germany didn’t sell them.   So while paroozing the cookie isle at the store, I came across the Nutter Butters and thought they would be perfect!

I decided to jazz them up a bit (Wait, how old am I? Did I just say “jazz them up?” hahaha) by dipping them in chocolate and nuts.  I thought that made for a very dramatic effect on the top of these cupcakes!

I used the same recipe for the Nutter Butter cupcakes that I used for the Tagalong cupcakes… so you can find that recipe HERE.  I did make a few changes though…

  • I used 1 1/2 sticks of butter in the chocolate buttercream instead of just 1 stick.
  • I used Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate cocoa powder in the buttercream instead of regular chocolate and cut it back to about 1/2 a cup.
  • Not only did I fill all the cupcakes, but I piped a layer of peanut butter on top of every cupcake before frosting with the chocolate buttercream.
  • Topped each cupcake with a Nutter Butter cookie dipped in melted chocolate and chopped nuts.


  1. Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

    These cupcakes look so delicious!!! And I love tagalong cookies :D


    1. Betsy ~ @JavaCupcake

      Me too!! I love anything chocolate and peanut butter!!!


  2. Cupcakes

    Excellent post! This chocolate nutter butter cupcakes looks delicious and yummy. I really enjoy this post specially the way of making of cupcakes. Thanks for the great effort and excellent share.


  3. Stacy @ Cupcake Crusaders

    These are going on my “must bake” list! They look amazing!


    1. Betsy ~ @JavaCupcake

      Awesome!! Let me know when you bake them…. take lots of pictures!!! xoxo


  4. Cristina

    I think I might end up dreaming about that chocolate buttercream tonight. It looks amazing!


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