Brown Sugar Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Yes… It’s been a over a month since I last blogged and even longer since I’ve made cupcakes. But, with one month down of this deployment, I was feeling like I could get back into the swing of things again. My friend Heather and I decided to get our kids together to make cupcakes… and with her favorite food in the world being cookie dough, I came up with this recipe!

Brown Sugar Cookie Dough Cupcakes topped with Chocolate Buttercream and Chocolate Chips

Click on image above for recipe

3 thoughts on “Brown Sugar Cookie Dough Cupcakes

  1. They look delish! Glad to see you are able to bake again, my SIL is dealing with a deployment right now & it SUCKS.

  2. Deployments are a bummer, however my house was always clean… maybe there is something to that. Anyshway, this recipe sounds wonderful! I may have to whip some up tomorrow, thanks for sharing!

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