5 thoughts on “Brownie Cupcakes

  1. Oh! I in madly in love with those crackly little wonders! Isn’t it amazing what happened when you put regular-joe-batters into cupcake wrappers? Magic, I tell ya, pure confectioners magic!

    THANKS for stopping by my blog. It’s a delight to discover yours! I’m so tickled to have you along as a follower, too. THANK YOU!

    Hope your week (and baking) is wonderful!

    Oh! And, here’s a crazy coincidence…just two days ago I made orange creamsicle cake. I’ll post it soon, then perhaps we can join forces and discover the perfect cupcake recipe!

  2. I am actually LEARNING to bake, thanks to your blog! My family loves that we have cupcakes that didn't come from the grocery store!
    I am going to try this recipe today. Next thing I want to do is buy a decorator kit to make the cupcakes pretty~
    Thank you for all the great tips~

  3. Found you through Conversations With A Cupcake…I’m so glad that I did. Those look heavenly! I really need to bake more!

  4. Okay! It’s a deal if you’re up to it. I’ll send you my Orange Creamscicle cupcake recipe and you can make some additions then send it back, then I’ll tweak it, and so on until we find the perfect concoction. I’m convinced there is something magical you and I can discover together!

    Email me and we’ll work out the details!


  5. It's a brownie AND a cupcake! I don't think it gets any better than that. I've loved browsing your site this morning and can't wait to try some of your recipes.

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