The Great Baking Closet Clean Out

I’m so excited to be hosting this blog party today with my sweet bloggy friend (and fellow Army wife) Toni Miller of Make Bake Celebrate! Toni and I have been dreaming about putting together this blog party for at least 6 months now and I’m thrilled that it’s finally here!

The Great Baking Closet Clean Out

Toni and I have teamed up with a handful of other bloggers to bring you The Great Baking Closet Clean Out! Each participating blogger has cleaned out their baking and/or crafting closet, taken lots of before and after pictures and have written up a post about how they did it. Some of us even set aside some of the stuff we don’t need anymore and are giving it away to you!

Along with individual blog giveaways… we’ve also got one GRAND PRIZE that one of you will win. $250 in prizes to help you clean out your closet! So enjoy my baking closet clean out… and make sure to visit all the participating blogs to get a glimpse inside their baking closets!

JC’s Baking Closet Clean Out!


I live in military housing here in Germany, so I didn’t get to choose the space that my baking supplies would live in.  I just had to deal with what I was given and improvise.  The main bulk of my supplies are actually kept in our front closet.  Half the closet has hanging coats and the other side shelving… this ended up being the perfect spot to store all my supplies. You can see in the photo above on the right that I’ve got a lot of storage bins already separating out my supplies… but over the last year or so, it’s gotten a little crowded.  Not everything had been put back in it’s bin, some things didn’t even have a bin and it just needed tidying up.

The Great Baking Closet Clean Out - See how your favorite bloggers organize their supplies! |

I recently acquired additional storage (as seen in the first photo on the left), but it had turned into a “catch-all” for baking chips/chocolate/candy, props and my Sistema storage containers.  I even had a cute piece of wall art that hadn’t been hung in the 8 months I’ve owned it.


To tidy up my closet, I picked up a couple extra storage bins to hold my gel food coloring, the extra cookie cutters and all my new macaroon making supplies.  I took some of the baking pans out to make room for the new bins.  Now, everything has a home and it all fits nicely inside the cabinet! I used these Sterilite bins… I like them because they’re see-though and their lids have a latch!

I think my most favorite part about this entire process was being able to hang my cupcake & coffee picture and have a place to display my CakeSpy art and baking cookbooks!  My extra storage cabinet has been transformed into a cute little area for my styling/photography props and a home for my pretties!

The Great Baking Closet Clean Out |

The two pieces of art are CakeSpy originals.  One is of a cupcake falling in love with a cup a to-go coffee and the other are cupcakes drinking wine and martini’s outside of a bar.  LOVE both of these mini pieces of art from my friend Jessie at CakeSpy!

It feels really great to have a space that it not only cute… but completely functional and organized!

JavaCupcake’s Giveaway

I’ve been collecting items for this giveaway for several months!  I’m excited to be able to one lucky JavaCupcake reader some awesome prizes!


  • 1 Wilton 8-pack of 12in cake circles
  • 1 Wilton Cupcake Decorating Piping Set
  • 1 Wilton USA Stencil pack
  • 4 Wilton Candy Eye packs
  • 1 Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator
  • 2 Cupcake Berlin T-shirts
  • 1 Cupcake Berlin Tote Bag
  • 6 Cupcake Berlin Stickers
  • 1 CakeSpy Original Watercolor


  • 1 roll Cupcake Duct Tape
  • 1 Rotating Cupcake Decorating Stand
  • 1 Owl & Cupcake Print
  • 1 Martha Stewart set of Ice Cream Kitchen Towels
  • 1 Cook This Menu Planner
  •  20+ Bake it Pretty Baby Shower assorted Toppers
  • 1 Duff Cake Transfer Set
  • 2 Duff Candy Writers


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Grand Prize Giveaway

The Great Baking Closet Clean Out - See how your favorite bloggers organize their supplies! |

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A HUGE thank you goes to our amazing sponsors!
Sweets & Treats Boutique
Bella Cupcake Couture
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One GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be chosen to WIN…
$100 Container Store Gift Card
$50 credit to Sweets & Treats Boutique
$50 credit to Bella Cupcake Couture
$50 credit to Country Kitchen Sweetart

For your chance to win the GRAND PRIZE, complete the entry form below!
Contest entries will be accepted until May 20, 2014 11:59pm EST.
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  1. 2

    gidget says

    Wow that looks great! I got the cloth bins and put all my things in those so they would fit in the closet. I too have no room and tend to have things on counters and tables instead

  2. 4

    Alicia J. says

    Right now mine are kind of contained to the cabinet next to the stove. Most of my appliances are all over the place though. That’s what I don’t have enough space to store.

    • 6


      I have stuff in every room! In my craft room I have a large book shelf for props, scrapbook paper and supplies. My craft room is packed full!! And I store a lot of stuff in large jars like paper straws and cupcake liners. :)

  3. 7

    Amy says

    I don’t have a great way of organizing. I have some Tupperware for a few of my things, but most of my stuff is just stacked in best I can….I could really use some help in that department!!!

  4. 11

    LauriM says

    I have to start better organizing my pans, bowls, and cookie sheets. It is nearly impossible to get to the one thing I need without them all falling.

  5. 12


    I wish I had more storage room so I could organize. I have one little cabinet and I just try to arrange and stack up my stuff so that all my baking stuff is together and not scattered around.

  6. 13

    Barbara Bradford says

    I by no means am completely organized, but my favorite part of my pantry is my heavy dish separators where I store all my Nordic pans, mini Bundt pans and silicone vertical. I don’t have to dig through piles to see what I have.

  7. 15

    Lina says

    My husband is nuts about all my baking stuff. I wish I had more storage space to be able to organize my supplies better.

  8. 17

    Sarah A. says

    Right now, I’m using the “carefully stack and pray for no avalanche” method of organizing in my kitchen. Too few cabinets, too much stuff!

  9. 27

    Francesca says

    Labels – lots of labels :) Thank you for a wonderful project and great giveaway opportunity xxx

  10. 28

    Ashley Outland says

    Let’s just say…… mine needs organization! This has given me inspiration to get started!!

  11. 30

    Susan says

    I like to group things together in clear containers. Cupcake liners are a special challenge–keeping them accessible but clean and organized until I use them.

  12. 31

    Charlene says

    I started out with everything in a pile, or in my travel kit. Eventually I purchased a bunch of modular drawers. The latest addition was building shelves, which were built to fit my drawers (the drawers were starting to lean forward because of how tall the stack had become). The shelves also enabled more storage space and the not much used items were packed into a bin and placed in the shed out side.

  13. 32

    Lauren says

    I don’t have an organization method (I know, horrible). I typically try to keep pans and pie plates together, but other than that it is kind of a free for all.

  14. 33

    mlaiuppa says

    I envy you your organization.

    Came over here from Hungry Happenings. All of you guys are making me feel guilty for my messy, disorganized, teeny, tiny kitchen.

  15. 34

    MaryB says

    I’m fortunate to have a lovely walk in pantry so my baking supplies are fairly organized on shelves and in drawers although I could use a better system for cookie cutters.

  16. 35


    I use drawers and plastic bins to keep “organized.” I try to keep commonly used things in the drawers and seasonal items in the bins.

  17. 36


    All I can say is, “as best I can.” I have a tiny apartment kitchen so I just have to put things wherever they fit. I do have a definite place for everything, though, so I can find things when I need them. I have a fairly big tool box which holds *most* of my cake decorating supplies.

  18. 37


    I use the clear bins also. Aren’t they perfect? I love the latching lids. I also use mugs to keep my food marker pens and paintbrushes in order.

  19. 38


    I share my pantry with my sister who keeps stocked up on gluten free food for the foreseeable future, so most of my baking supplies are stuffed into two kitchen cupboards….things falling on my head are a regular occurrence.

  20. 40


    After seeing all of these organized spaces today I already started the organization of all my decorating supplies by cleaning out the junk I don’t need, three big garbage bags worth! Now I just need to buy some containers. Thanks for the inspiration. I also have a Cake Spy original…of me and my five grandchildren (though now #9 is on the way)baking cookies:)

  21. 43

    Tabitha P. says

    i would love to tell you how i orgamize my baking supplies.
    but i throw them in a cabinet and hope for the best when i open it 😉

  22. 44

    Catie says

    Yeah, “organize” isn’t exactly the right word! The flours are all together, but everything else is stuffed where I can make it fit!

  23. 45

    Linda romer says

    I have one cabinet just for my baking supplies. It makes it easy to find everything when I’m baking.

  24. 46

    liz says

    Right now all my baking things are just shoved on a shelf so I’m borrowing your ideas to organize it all.

  25. 47

    Allison K. says

    I have a some of my baking stuff in cabinets in the kitchen, on a shelf in a closet and a 2 door pantry. I try and keep it all nice and neat by using some of the cookie carrier boxes as storage boxes, since I have so many and they are see thru.

  26. 50

    Laura says

    They aren’t organized yet. Ugh. I’m still trying to decide the best way to organize my cupcake stuff before I purchase anything. Your pictures help : )

  27. 52

    Sara says

    Wow! I love your space! I’m still starting out so I don’t have even half the tools and supplies you do, but my husband built me shelves in our “pantry” closet and I have Rubbermaid tubs and stackable drawers.

  28. 53

    Mimi says

    I have tons of bins where things should go, but I’ve neglected to group them together correctly…it’s kind of a mess.

  29. 55


    I have a great pantry in my kitchen in addition to a decent amount of cabinet space. I keep most of my baking items in the pantry and I have a long, narrow cabinet where I store my pans.

  30. 56

    Elizabeth Plummer says

    I am actually about to move to a new house, and I will have to figure out how to organize everything from scratch!! Luckily the new kitchen is a lot bigger, so I am hoping to take advantage of lots more cabinet space.

  31. 58

    Lindsey says

    This looks great Betsy! I wish I had all of these supplies! Mine are just under a kitchen cabinet and in the pantry. Nothing is really organized though. I love this! You’ve inspired me!

  32. 59

    Amanda says

    Organize?… All the stuff I use the most is on the bottom shelf of a kitchen cabinet for easy access :)

  33. 61

    Abby says

    Lots of containers, and since we just moved lots of random containers in lots of different places waiting for a home.

  34. 64

    Rachel says

    Fabulously tidy. Wish I had as much space to store my baking supplies, they’re all crammed in to the top shelf of the breakfast cereal cupboard!

  35. 67

    Heather says

    I have all my cupcake tins and baking sheets in a designated cabinet. My icing bags/ colors/ sprinkle, etc. are in a huge plastic bin.

  36. 71

    Nora Jay says

    I’m new to your site… kinda! A few weeks ago I googled Ombre Cakes and it led me to your tutorial. I used it to guide me to make a cake for my sisters baby shower!! So thanks!! :)
    When I get around to re-organizing my Baking Pantry I would like to have all uniform, matching containers so that everything looks amazing!!

  37. 72

    Teresa says

    Large bakeware are in rubbermaid, in the garage; the rest under counters. Woe is me, very small kitchen/

  38. 73

    Shelby says

    I absolutely love organization ! It helps make life so much easier ! I would have to say my most favorite things I use to organize are tupperware bins .. in every size from small to huge ! I am also a big fan of shelves , cloth bins, wicker bins, see through jars … really anything I can find ! There is always room for organization improvement , I think we all get organized and then somehow over time .. we tend to get unorganized or start adding more to our collections and have to start all over. Its always fun to get to do the spring clean and organization … it helps us get that new feeling again, a change , an improvement and it is very rewarding !

  39. 74

    Stacey says

    I have a few clear plastic containers that I stack on my pantry shelves. Seeing your pics gives me motivation to do more.

  40. 75

    Sara Cardiff says

    Living in a small apartment, I have limited space. I use large plastic tub containers to organize all my different baking supplies and decorating supplies.

  41. 76

    sunshine keenan says

    I really just started getting into baking and LOVE it! it is something my 6 year old and I can do together. Thanks for your inspirations!

  42. 78


    I have clear plastic shoe boxes for cookie cutters with labels (I have a very handy label maker). I just got a “back-of-the-door” pantry organizer for sprinkles and sanding sugars.

  43. 79


    I have a few plastic bins for my decorations, cupcake liners, and colorings. My cookie cutter collection is in large plastic jars loosely organized by type. The rest of my equipment is spread all over the cabinets in my kitchen because it often does double duty for more than baking sweets.

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