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Toy Story Party – Dessert & Decorating Ideas

Woody, Buzz and the gang come together in this easy, fun Toy Story themed dessert party that anyone can put together!

Toy Story Party DIY Dessert Table |

My son Matthew celebrated his 2nd birthday this past weekend and I put together the most elaborate dessert table I’ve ever done!  Now… don’t let that scare you from putting one together yourself!  All it took was a little planning, time management and help from friends to collect Toy Story props!

For the next two weeks, I’ll be sharing with you the details of everything you see on this Toy Story Party Dessert Table… including the decorations, props and food with recipes too!

The only money I spent on this display table was the food.  Seriously.  I didn’t spend a dime on the decorations.  A few months before the party, I enlisted the help of my friends to keep their eye out for FREE Toy Story themed toys and party supplies.

Toy Story Party DIY Dessert Table |

To set the theme of the dessert table, I started with a disposable Toy Story plastic table cover.  I chose this because the party was at a public place and I wanted easy clean up.  If I were having the party at home, I would have used a table linen in blue or green.

Sunnyside Toy Box

So… what’s on the table?  Let’s start first with the main centerpiece of the table… the box of toys!  I absolutely loved this part of the table because it really brought the entire theme of the party together.  Best part… so simple to make!

Toy Story Party Dessert Table:  DIY Sunnyside Toy Box |

Supplies needed: 

  •  Medium/large cardboard box with no writing on the outside.
  •  Toy Story Toys: Buzz, Woody, Bullseye, Jessie, Mr/Mrs Potato Head, Rex, Barbie, Ham & Slinkie (not in my box, I couldn’t find them)
  •  Scissors, black sharpie or marker, smaller boxes or newspaper

To assemble the box:

  • With the black sharpie, write “Sunnyside” on the side of the box.
  • Place newspaper or smaller boxes inside your box to add height to the toys.
  • Arrange the toys so they appear to be coming out of the box.
  • The front flap of my box was slightly too long and was getting in the way of the display aspect of the box, so I cut in down about half.  This step is optional.

Etch-a-Sketch Food Signs

Of course, all the desserts on the table needed to have food signs to go with them.  I looked online for some on ETSY, but I just wasn’t in love with anything I saw, so I decided to make them myself. “Etch” was the perfect shape for the signs.  Rectangle with a large space in the center, plus it was super easy to make!  So easy… that I’ve made a blank template for you to download and use at your Toy Story Party too! Just click the link below to download!


Toy Story Party Dessert Table: Etch-a-Sketch Food Signs |

Supplies needed: 

  • Download template from the link above
  • Glue sticks
  • Yellow card stock
  • Black Marker

To assemble the signs:

  • Cut out each Etch-a-Sketch along the red border
  • Cut a piece of yellow card stock big enough to fit the sign and fold over
  • Glue Etch to the card stock
  • Write the name of your food on the white part of the sign

Easy Toy Story Party Table Decorations & Props

Toy Story Party Dessert Table: Prop Ideas |

Since there are so many amazing themed desserts on the table, I didn’t want to over decorate it with too many props.  I gathered the Toy Story toys I had on hand and placed them around the table, just to add a little character.  Here are a few of the highlights

Toy Story Table Decoration & Prop Ideas: 

  • Hide green Army Men around the table as if they were on a recon mission.
  • Toy Story DVD box in the shape of Andy’s toy box was used to hold the s’mores pops.
  • Small Woody doll sat in the toy box.
  • Etch-A-Sketch sat against the wall behind a plate of cookies.
  • Unicorn, Mr. Pricklepuss, Buzz and Wheezy filled in the gaps of space on the table.
  • Buzz was used as a cake topper.

Toy Story Desserts

No Toy Story party would be complete without dessert!  There were going to be about 40 people, including kids, at Matty’s party… but I’m certain I prepared enough desserts for 75 people!  I went a little overboard.  But hey, my baby only turns 2 once and will only have one Toy Story party in his life!  Go big or go home! hehe

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be posting recipes for all the desserts I made, so in this post I’ll just be sharing with you what I made.

Toy Story Party Desserts |

On the dessert table:

NOTE:  Click on the links above to find recipes and tutorials for making some of the other desserts in this Toy Story Party!

Toy Story Party Checkerboard Cake |

Toy Story Party Alien Cupcakes |

Overall, this dessert table was a huge success.  I’m so very proud of how it turned out.  You might remember last year I put together a Sesame Street party for Matty’s 1st birthday… which was great!  The cupcakes turned out amazing and I put out a few themed snacks.  But it was NOTHING like this years party!

Here’s me an my little man at his party.  He had so much fun playing and eating his desserts!  Actually… everyone at the party loved it.  I look at the pictures and am still in awe of what I created!

My hope is that by the end of this Toy Story Party series… you will feel confident to recreate some of my desserts and decoration ideas yourself!  It just takes some planning, reparation and help from a few friends… but none of it was really “hard” to do!

So… until next year’s party… I hope you enjoy the upcoming recipes & tutorials for this Toy Story Party!

Toy Story Party |

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Toy Story Party Desserts & Decorating Ideas |

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Thursday 21st of December 2017

Your cake design is really amazing thanks for sharing your creativity


Thursday 23rd of February 2017

Thanks for sharing your views java so that we can also prepare like that for our sons birthday

Regina @

Friday 23rd of May 2014

I love it! I just bookmarked it for future reference when I throw ToyStory party theme!

Betsy Eves

Saturday 24th of May 2014

Wonderful! Send me pictures if you make anything!


Thursday 27th of February 2014

This is such an amazing party Betsy!!! I love all the details. I want a Toy Story Party!!

Betsy Eves

Friday 28th of February 2014

Thanks for the kind words, Dorothy!! :)

Heather @ Sugar Dish Me

Wednesday 26th of February 2014

All these little details are so great Betsy!! The little hat cookies and cupcakes and army men -- so great! Happy Birthday to your little guy!

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Thursday 27th of February 2014

Thanks, Heather! :)