6 of the BEST Chocolate Cake Recipes EVER

Today is National Chocolate Cake Day!  Seriously… I think this may be my favorite day of the year!  I was looking back at all my cake recipes and I came to a very serious conclusion.

6 of the Best Chocolate Cake Recipes Ever! | JavaCupcake.com

I like chocolate cake.

Okay, I think it’s more like I LOVE chocolate cake.

We can probably blame my mother for this because she made me a chocolate cake with fudge frosting every year for my birthday.  So naturally, as an adult I make it every chance I get.  Oh… my birthday is Feb. 10.  I’ll be having chocolate cake.  Ha!

So here are 6 of the BEST Chocolate Cake Recipes EVER! Enjoy!

The Best Chocolate Cake You’ll Ever Eat

The Best Chocolate Cake You'll Ever Eat by JavaCupcake-4


Almost as Good as Mom’s Double Chocolate Layer Cake

Almost as good as Mom's - Double Chocolate Layer Cake by JavaCupcake.com

Mint Chocolate Chip Cake

Mint Chocolate Chip Cake by JavaCupcake.com

Half Baked Cake

Half Baked Cake by JavaCupcake.com - Fudge brownie cake layers with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough baked inside and cookie dough frosting

Chocolate Raspberry Ombre Pedal Cake

Chocolate Raspberry Ombre Petal Cake by JavaCupcake-6

Irish Stout Cake with Bailey’s White Chocolate Ganache

Irish Stout Cake by JavaCupcake.com


  1. cookingactress

    ooooh these are some insanely amazing cakes!


  2. Gayle F. House

    Why do I call it triple chocolate layer cake but only has two layers? Well, chocolate is used three times: chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate decoration.


    1. Betsy Eves

      It’s double chocolate because I use two kinds of chocolate in the cake and I use chocolate twice while building it… cake and frosting. Double chocolate everywhere!


  3. charlotte

    My bday is today too! I’ll be enjoying one of your yummy cakes too =)


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