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Vegan Black Bean & Corn Salsa

A few months ago I was asked by a bloggy friend of mine, Rika at Vegan Miam,  to write a guest blog post for her on her vegan blog.  Hmmmm, I’m a baker.  Nothing I do is vegan.  But, then I realized that I do more than bake… I cook all the time for my family!  Yes, this should be easy!

So, I began thinking about all the things I’d been cooking for my family recently… then it hit me… the perfect recipe!  We were headed to a friends for a dinner party and we were bringing the salsa, homemade of course.  PERFECT!  I’ll photograph the recipe and write it up for my guest blog post!

This black bean & corn salsa is really so easy to make… just chop chop chop up some veggies, open a few cans and WA-LA…. salsa!

So, go check out Vegan Miam and my post for Vegan Black Bean & Corn Salsa!  You’ll find lots of great pictures and the recipe for this delicious vegan snack!

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