Polish Pottery from Boleslawiec, Polska

This past weekend I took a bus trip with three friends to Boleslawiec, Polska (Poland) to spend too much money on some amazing pottery! The bus left at 0030 on Saturday and we arrived to our first pottery store shortly after 0530.  Throughout our day, we visited several factories and stores where I wished I could have bought one of everything!


But instead, I focused on baking supplies and pieces that I knew I would use on a regular basis.  Cupcake and bundt pans, coffee mugs and lots of other kitchen stuff.  It was kinda funny, during the trip most people were buying casserole dishes and plates… not me.  I wanted cupcake pans and rolling pins.  All baking!!

For lunch, we visited a traditional Polish restaurant where I got to drink try perogies.  I’ve never had them before!  I wasn’t too fond of the filling in two of them, but the filling with the potatoes and farmers cheese was AMAZING!

Of course, my friends and I also had a beer, a traditional Polish beer called Zyweic! It was pretty tasty, especially because the bartender floated raspberry liquor in it.  YUM.  Serious amounts of YUM.

Now, on to the good stuff… here’s what I got!

To see the full image… click on it! 




  1. Megan Hasbrouck

    I think my mom and I made over a dozen trips to Poland for pottery when my dad and then husband where stationed in Heidelberg (sad they just closed)! Wish I would have bought baking items then but I do have a full set of dinner plates! Miss Germany and polish pottery. Glad to see that you and your family are enjoying your time there.


    1. Betsy Eves

      Thanks Megan! It was on my bucket list to get a full set of everyday plates/bowls etc while I was here!


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