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How to frost a cupcake!

We all know how fantastic Bake it Pretty is.  The Cupcake supplies, baking supplies, party supplies… seriously, that website is amazing.  (If you’re that 1 person who has been living under a rock and doesn’t know BiP, go now, check them out.  I’ll wait.  Patiently)

Many of you have asked me what tips we use to frost our cupcakes and how we get the swirls so perfect. I have thought a lot about doing a video tutorial for you… but, Bake it Pretty beat me to it! They have created THE BEST tutorial on how to create the classic looks for your cupcakes using their new and improved cupcake decorating kit!  This kit comes with every tip you’ll need plus a bag AND now there is a video to teach you how to use them!


Sunday 23rd of September 2012

Why don't ou decorate to the edge? Do you need a bigger tip to out to the edge? I love these but I hate when bakeries don't frost to the edge of the cupcake so I have taken to trying at home. Any advise would be welcome.


Friday 17th of June 2011

This is so wonderful.. I have watched it a bunch of times now.. going to go try a couple... I also love the music... kids are running around humming it all day now :) Thank you!