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Tacoma Harvest Fair

Yesterday was a big day for me.  HUGE actually.  I gave my very first Cupcake decorating demo at the Tacoma Harvest Fair! The 24 hours prior to the demo I was a cupcake baking crazy lady!  I baked 6 dozen cupcakes, only 4 1/2 of which turned out to be unusable because of bad liners (Serves me right for trying new liners the day before a big event!), made 4 batches of frosting and packed up two giant laundry baskets full of baking supplies from my kitchen.  But… come Sunday morning, I was all ready to go.  Nerves and all!

I arrive at Sanford & Sons Antiques, where the fair was being held, to find a stage with a table and lots of chair set up for my demo.  A stage! Holy cow! I was so excited!  I start setting up for my big demo… and my nerves start to go away.  All my prepping and planning was coming to fruition and I was in my element.

Before the event… all ready to go!

Here we go… time to teach how to frost and pipe cupcakes! I demonstrated how to make…

Chocolate trees & grass – called this one “Falling Leaves”

“Spooky Spiders”

“Harvest Pumpkins”

and a bunch of Halloween decorated cupcakes!

We took video at the demo too, but unfortunately the file somehow is “corrupt” and I can’t seem to watch the whole thing on my computer.  I’m going to keep trying to work with it and hopefully I’ll be able to edit it down into segments and you’ll be able to see my techniques for making all these cupcake creations.

Lots of people were there… even some of my blog readers!! Thanks for the support!!

And to 3 of these lucky people went a 4-pack of cupcakes and 1 person won a “Piping Starter Kit” I put together! Yay for free stuff!

When the demo was all over, I put it out there for anyone who wanted to try decorating their own cupcakes to come up and take a shot.  I was really surprised when people actually started lining up to try!  Their creations turned out really awesome!

I really had an amazing time putting together this cupcake demo and then sharing what I know with all of you!

A big THANK YOU goes to my husband and my daughter for all their help before, during and after the demo! I  could not have done it all as successfully as I did without you!! I love you both, thank you!

Thanks also goes to the Tacoma Harvest Fair and especially to Christy and her co-workers for welcoming me at their event.  I was honored to be involved and had such an amazing experience!  THANK YOU!

I almost forgot to mention… there was a Cupcake Decorating contest sponsored by Lucks Food Decorating Company at the fair.  I entered my “Falling Leaves” cupcake and a version of the “Spooky Spider” cupcake called the “Spooky Spider Web” (could only be edible parts, so I took the spider off and covered the sides in orange), and the “Harvest Pumpkin” cupcake into the contest.

“Falling Leaves” won FIRST PLACE and “Spooky Spider Web” won THIRD PLACE!!  How awesome is that?  I believe I won a cupcake pedestal and a goodie bag full of Lucks products!  Sweet!

I uploaded ALL of the pictures to Flickr from the demo… check them out the in slideshow below! :)


Tuesday 19th of October 2010

Hi Betsy! Thank you so much for sharing your decorating techniques on Sunday at the Harvest Fair. My husband and I had such a great time and it was "sweet" of you to share your yummy creations. It was also nice of you to let my husband try out his cupcake decorating skills and make a "spooky spider". Thanks again!