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Cupcakes for YOU and YOUR DOG at the Proctor Farmers’ Market

I’ve been wanting to check out the local farmers market which recently opened for the season here in Tacoma.  So, Emily and I got out of the house early this morning and headed to the Proctor Farmers’ Market. The market took up one block of N 27th Street just off Proctor St in North Tacoma.  Two rows of vendors with tents selling fresh cut flowers, bakery items, herbs and veggie starter plants, rhubarb, oysters and sausages… just to name a few.  I had hoped for some more fresh veggies, but they must not be ready yet.  Emily picked out a fresh local Pink Lady apple, which looked so yummy.  I’m really excited to go back when Dave is home and pick up some meats and breads he will like.  Today, we picked up a loaf of rye bread I think he’ll really enjoy!

Why you ask am I blogging about the farmers market?? Well… they had CUPCAKES!!

The Last Bite had a table full of baked yummies, including cupcakes! She had two packs of vanilla on vanilla cupcakes which I just had to try!  I asked for a business card and told her I’d be reviewing her cupcakes for JavaCupcake.  She told me the owner of The Late Bite has a commercial kitchen out of her home where she bakes custom cakes and takes orders for weddings, etc.

From their website:

“A graduate from the Seattle Culinary academy which honored her with the “Most Outstanding Pastry Chef” award for 2003, Krissie is truly passionate about making cakes and bringing joy to people’s special occasions. She began her love of baking as a child but went on to attend the University of Washington’s Business School. After years of baking at home while raising her three children, she decided to take the advice of so many of her friends and start her own business. She enrolled at The Seattle Culinary Academy where she spent two years “fine-tuning” her pastry skills. Finally she is doing what she always dreamed of! This excitement definitely comes through in every one of her creations.  Krissie has been creating delicious and elegant desserts as owner of “The Last Bite” since 2003.”

The cupcakes were a vanilla cupcake with a white frosting. They looked super yummy at the market and I couldn’t wait to get home to try them! With first bite, I noticed how smooth the frosting was… a lot smoother than I expected.  But unfortunately, the frosting wasn’t very good.  It had a Crisco like taste and was not sweet.  The Crisco flavor was so over powering, it actually gave me an upset stomach and I was forced to scrape off the frosting so that I could taste the cake part.

The cake was slightly dry and crumbly, but there was a lot of it.  Sometimes the cake part can be light and airy, but these weren’t.  They were thick and yet full of flavor and quite good.  I could definitely taste the vanilla in them, which was a good thing since the frosting tasted to horrible.  I’d like to taste other cupcakes from The Late Bite, but from their website it looks as though they specialize in cakes and wedding cakes.  If I see them at the market and there is another flavor, I’ll try it again. :)

Cupcakes for Dogs!

Also at the farmers market was a dog treats vendor who makes all natural yummies for your canine friends! And yes, she makes cupcakes too!  Organic Dog Treat Bakery makes all natural, organic cupcakes for your dogs!  Not only can you enjoy your cupcakes from the market, your pet can too!!

These cupcakes come in two sizes, Pupcakes and Mini Pupcakes.

From their website, these treats are made with: Organic Oat Flour, Sweet Potato, Egg, Sunflower Oil, Water, Vitamin E and C Powder Frosting: Fat Free Cream Cheese.

Wowzers! What an awesome treat for your pup!  Unfortunately, I don’t have any dogs, but there were plenty of happy customers in the pictures on their website!

These mini size pupcakes are perfect for your little lap dogs and puppies while the regular size pupcakes are a super treat for your big dogs!

Make sure to check them out online, they also make their own dog bones (all organic) and will ship them to you!

Cynthia Powell

Sunday 2nd of May 2010

Thank you so much for the wonderful write up. I should have given you some pupcakes to try out on your friends with dogs. Next time you come by the market, stop by so I can give you some. Some day I would like a little dog treat shop some where. Thanks again, Cynthia Powell


Thursday 6th of May 2010

You're welcome! It was a pleasure to meet you and I'm so happy you're sharing the goodness of cupcakes with our canine friends! :)

<3 Betsy