DIY Paper Bows

DIY Paper Bow Tutorial |

Paper Bows add flair and charm to gift wrapping and create a fun touch in home decor.  Use this simple tutorial to create one-of-a-kind  DIY Paper Bows! DIY Paper Bows - A Complete Tutorial by

I love giving the gift of baked goods to friends and family.  Since I take so much time and care into making sure what I’m gifting is perfect,  I really want to make sure the outside is beautiful too!  These DIY Paper Bows can dress up any gift with just a few supplies and simple steps.  Any color paper can be used which makes them so versatile!

DIY Paper Bow Tutorial |

See how amazing this package looks with the addition of a gold paper bow?  It’s super easy, you just need a few supplies and about 5-10 minutes to make your own!


DIY Paper Bow Tutorial |

Here’s what you’ll need…

  • Thick card stock paper
  • DIY Paper Bow Template (download here)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil


DIY Paper Bow Tutorial |

  1. Cut out the pattern from the template.
  2. Trace each piece on to the card stock.
  3. Cut out each piece of the pattern.DIY Paper Bow Tutorial |
  4. Squeeze a dollop of glue onto the center of the largest piece.
  5. Fold over each end until it meets at the glue in the middle.
  6. Using your fingers, hold the ends together until the glue has dried and it doesn’t fall apart.  (If you want to make more than one at a time, you can secure them with a paper clip and set aside to dry while you work on more)DIY Paper Bow Tutorial |
  7. Squeeze a dollop of glue onto the center of the other large piece.
  8. Press the folded bow down onto the glue and hold until it dries and doesn’t come apart and is dry.  (Again, if you’re making several, secure with a paper clip and make more while it dries.)DIY Paper Bow Tutorial |
  9. Flip the bow over and squeeze a dollop on the center.
  10. Wrap the smallest piece around the center of the bow until it meets at the glue.
  11. Press gently and hold until it dries.

DIY Paper Bow Tutorial |

Coming Wednesday I’ll be sharing a complete tutorial to create an entire gift wrap presentation with the DIY Paper Bow as the star!!!


  1. Sonali

    Great idea. would love to see more gift bows am obsessed with them


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