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Polka Dots Cake

I had some extra cake batter last week and decided to make a cake to frost later.  I also had a new cake ball pan I needed to try out.  So… what did I make… a POLKA DOT CAKE!

Here’s what I did…

Made a classic vanilla batter and baked cake pop balls using my new pan.  I then used the extra dark green velvet cake batter, filled my cake pans and placed 7 cake balls in each pan.  Baked the cakes as normal, frosted them and BAM…. Polka Dots Cake!

Super simple and such a great effect!

Next time… I’ll do a more detailed tutorial on how I made the cake.  But for now… you just get awesome Instagram pictures! 


Friday 17th of August 2012

This is the cutest thing I have seen in a very long while! I love polka dots. They just shout "Fun!" to me.

Cupcake and Talk

Monday 13th of August 2012

I agree with the previous comments. This cake is impressive. I love the polka dots.

Betsy ~ @JavaCupcake

Monday 13th of August 2012

Thank you! :)


Monday 13th of August 2012

So cool.... you are turning into a wonderful cake maker for someone who does not make cakes :) This is so tricky.. so you bake the cakeballs and then just add them to the batter for the cake and they do not end up too dry or anything? Sounds too easy for such a fun awesome looking cake!


Monday 13th of August 2012

What a wonderful thing to gaze upon on a Monday morning. Impressed.