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Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes by reader Abby

JavaCupcake reader, Abby, posted these cupcakes as a note on her Facebook page! I asked if I could share it with all of you!  She used a JavaCupcake recipe as a base and used her creativity and imagination to create these yummy cupcakes! Thanks Abby letting me share them with everyone! 

Since the weather has been getting warmer and the sun is staying out forever I decide to make cupcakes that reminded me of some of my favorite childhood summer memories, orange creamsicles!! Who didn’t love an ice cold orange creamsicle? I have been plotting the recipe in my head for awhile and then the perfect Cupcake opportunity presented itself; my monthly Bunco night!!

For the cake I used a White Velvet recipe from one of my favorite baking blogs Java Cupcake. (You should totally check it out they have great recipes

The batter came together easily and into the oven they went.

They baked up beautifully too!

Now for the frosting. I had initially thought I would be *super* creative and whip some cream and add a package of orange jello and that would be the perfect frosting.

BAD IDEA!! Don’t try this at home it was gross! The frosting tasted weird (and not in the good way).

Now I am in a quandary; what can I do to fix this frosting ?? I’m racking my brain for things I can add to the frosting that will add an orange flavor and it has to be something I can get quickly and easily here in Germany…

Bing! A light bulb goes off in my brain and I think I have found the answer. It’s a Hail Mary pass into the end zone with seconds on the clock; but it’s all I got. Plan B is quickly set into action with one frantic phone call to Rey and some prayers that he can find what I need at the commisary.  Twenty minutes later I get a text saying that, yes indeed he has found the Plan B ingredient at the commissary and is bringing it home!! With secret ingredient in hand I say a little prayer and add it to the frosting and….(insert angels singing) it works!!! I have now got the PERFECT orange creamsicle frosting! It tastes exactly how I want it!! Even Rey agrees!

So what is this magical secret ingredient, you ask?? I wasn’t going to share…. but since I like you guys,here it is….

wait for it……

wait for it…..

Who would have guessed that it would be good old fashioned, American classic, flown in space with NASA, TANG!!

(it blew my mind a little too!)

With things back on track, I’m debating (out loud to myself) if I should fill and frost the cupcakes with the orange filling and Rey chimes in with “Well a creamsicle has cream in it, so you should fill them with cream.” Hhhhmmm… Actually sounds like a good idea. So I whip up some cream (literally, ha) and fill them up. I had some filling leftover so I add it to the frosting and BAM….

……super cute frosted creamsicle cupcakes!! They don’t look to shabby!

These are apparently Rey’s new favorite cupcake and I have been told they taste “Exactly like a creamsicle!” I’m pretty proud that this potentially fail got turned into something delicious!

A Happy Ending!!

Here’s Abby… isn’t she just super sweet!?

Thanks Abby for sharing!


Friday 20th of May 2011

Yummo! What recipe did you use for the frosting and how much Tang did you add? I think these would great for the neighbor kiddos this summer!


Sunday 22nd of May 2011

For the frosting I used 1 cup of heavy cream whipped with about 1/4 cup of Tang. I would recommend adding the Tang a bit at a time and tasting as you go!


Friday 20th of May 2011

Oh my goodness! Those creamsicle cupcakes look beautiful! You are so creative and your instructions were fun to read! I can't wait to try these!