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I asked… You answered!

A while back, I posted a survey asking what you’d like to see more of on my blog and I got some amazing feedback! First, I’d really love to thank everyone who took the time to answer the questions!  Your feedback has given me the clarity to see that I’m on the right track with the direction of my blog! So THANK YOU!


Photo by Blue Cupcake

So… here are the results!

What is your favorite part of JavaCupcake?

Cupcake recipes 71%
Reviews of cupcake shops 15%
Guest bloggers 3%
Recipes of other baked goods 9%

Yes!!! Cupcake recipes are my favorite part too!!  And wowzers 71% love those recipes!!  This is exactly why I asked Jenn to write for me on the blog… to bring you more fantastic recipes.  From what I can tell… you are LOVING THEM!  We will continue our best to bring you as many new cupcakes and flavors as we can!

What would you like to see more of?

Cupcake recipes 17%
Personal stories from Betsy 0%
Tips, tricks & tutorials 75%
Reviews 0%
Guest bloggers 3%
Non-cupcake recipes 3%

This answer surprised me…. 75% wanted more tricks and tips on how to make these little cupcakes.  So, from now on… we will be including a special “Tips & Tricks” section to EVERY new cupcake we make!  We will share with you the pointers, tricks and shortcuts, helpful info we’ve learned along the way and point them out in every recipe.  Hopefully, this will help you learn how to be more successful at your cupcake baking!

Also, we will be working on including more posts directly related to tips and tricks.  I’ve been hearing some great feedback on my “How to make Buttercream” video tutorial so expect more of that in the future!

PS… *tears streaming down my face* I get it… you don’t love me and you don’t want to hear about my personal life stories.  Boo hoo hoo.  You just love the cupcakes! haha Just kidding.  I’ll keep the personal stuff on my other blogs and leave this one to the cupcakes!

How often do you visit

Daily 28%
Several times a week 25%
Weekly 14%
Several times a month 14%
Monthly 17%

Well… a big giant THANK YOU to all of you who visit JavaCupcake!  I was astounded to see that so many of you visit my site several times a week!  We are working hard to bring you new and original content to keep you coming back! :)

Again… THANK YOU for the feedback!! It’s invaluable to me to hear how I can make this blog better for all those who read it!!  You are who I do this for!!