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Ask the Baker: Jamie of My Baking Addiction

JavaCupcake Note: This is the eighth post in a series titled, “Ask the Baker” featuring interviews with bakers and bakery owners!

Please introduce yourself.  Tell us a little bit about what you do in the cupcake world and how/when you got started.

My name is Jamie, I operate the site My blog started on a whim almost two years ago when I was suffering from summer boredom. I teach school full time, so I have the summers off and I am usually going a little stir crazy by mid-July. Within in the past couple of years, I have watched my blog grow and have enjoyed every minute of it. I adore my readers and always get so excited to read their comments, opinions and ideas.

I love being in the kitchen cooking and baking delicious recipes for my friends and family. Since starting my blog, I have ignited my passion for photography…especially of food. I love being behind the camera and trying new techniques in an effort to perfect my skills and take my photos to another level. I dream of baking and photographing for a living…hopefully one day it will turn into a reality!

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Bakery Start-Up Questions

What was the biggest challenge in starting your bakery/baking business?

I do not own a bakery at this time, but it is definitely a dream of mine.

Recipe/Ingredients & Baking Questions

What do you consider to be the perfect cupcake? What flavors and textures would it have?

I adore Dorie Greenspan’s Perfect Party Cake recipe for cupcakes. If has an amazing texture and crumb. Top it off with delicious lemon buttercream and I am in heaven!

How many times do you have to “re-do” a recipe before you get it right?

It all depends on the recipe. I am pretty good at following an existing recipe, but if I am attempting to adapt or create an original recipe, it can take multiple attempts to get it right.

How much is made from scratch and how much is purchased pre-made?

I would say 90% of everything I bake is from scratch.

What is the recipe for a foolproof cupcake batter?

Just a perfect basic recipe that can be doctored with extras to suit any taste.

Where do you purchase all those fun different sprinkles you use to decorate your cupcakes with?

I mainly purchase my items from:

How do you get your cupcakes all the same size?

I use the OXO large cookie scoop to measure my batter.

What is the best cocoa to use?

I love me some Scharffen Berger Cocoa.

I love buttercream… what’s your favorite recipe for it?

My fave is featured on this blog post…the cupcakes are pretty amazing too!

Inspiration Questions

Did you always have a passion for baking?

Yes, my nana had me baking and cooking at a very early age.

What inspires you the most? Love of cupcakes or love of making things people enjoy?

I love cupcakes, but I find true pleasure in baking for people. Baking often evokes fond memories and I love hearing childhood stories from friends and family that involve food, smells, and flavors.

Where do you get new ideas for new cupcake and icing flavors?

I get inspiration from everywhere!

Fun Questions

What’s your favorite part of cupcakes?

The frosting…definitely the frosting!

How can you be around all that yummy and not eat it all up?

I always take a taste…everything in moderation is key!

Would you bake me a Cupcake that wouldn’t make me gain any weight please?

LOL, I would love to develop this product, I’d me rich! You’ll be the first to know if it ever happens!

Do you ever get tired of the site or smell of cupcakes?

Yes, if I have a ton of them to do for an order or an event…I get cupcaked out!

Can I live in your kitchen and be your personal taste tester?

You sure can, I can set up a futon next to my oven!

All photos courtesy of My Baking Addiction.


Thursday 1st of March 2012

hey im sara and im 17 which is weird i know. but owning a bakery shop has been me and my best friends dream since we were 9. and im doin this project in my business class and i picked owning a bakery.. and i had to learn all the ropes and the struggles of owning a shop. but i love it i just need some insite


Friday 2nd of March 2012

Good luck! I don't own a bakery shop... but keep reading the "Ask the Baker" series on my blog! You might find out some things you didn't know before!

Christine Haimann

Saturday 1st of October 2011

It is not a good idea to put your questions in a yellow colored font.... they are unreadable as there is not enough contrast against the white background. Could you please put them in a dark colored font as yes can see the questions but we have no idea what question was askedn. Thanks so much - ButtonsH


Sunday 2nd of October 2011

Sorry about that!! I used those colors before my blog redesign. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for letting me know!


Sunday 10th of April 2011

heading off to visit your blog! great interview. also going to try that fav cupcake recipe of your.

Michelle Solis

Tuesday 8th of June 2010

I loved learning about this fellow cupcake artist and some of her favorites. Thanks for a great blog Java Cupcake!