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GLEE Cupcakes

If you missed it last night… you missed out on another great episode of the best show on television, GLEE! Here are some GLEE inspired Cupcakes (and one cake)  from several awesome bakers!

Photos by: bakebake52 on Flickr

Photos by: Sara & Erin of 2010: A Bake Odyssey – Recipe for these cupcakes are also on their blog

This one is my favorite! Get it, CHEERIOS!!

Photo by:  Sweet Tooth Fairy on Flickr

Photo by: Isn’t That Something: Cakes for All Occasions


(added 4/21/10)

From Gleeks United on Flickr

(added 4/28/10)

To see the complete set, visit: Whisk Upon a Star

And for a little added bonus, enjoy Sue Sylvester as Madonna. :)