8 thoughts on “Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes

  1. I have a picture of these on my twitter. Right now my posts are locked, but you can request me!
    These took a little time, but were SO worth it in the end! My friends went crazy for them. I made the larger ones, and garnished them with the filled halves of the creme egg. While the cupcakes sat out, the creme from the candy drizzled all over the buttercream, making the flavor that much more prominent. VERY YUMMY! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. thank u, it looks delicious, but it was not what i was looking for. i wanted a literal egg cup cake- not a real egg, but a cupcake with hard candy as the shell, and when broken up, ther’s an icing yolk and egg white beneath it.

    thank u again. this rlly is a good recipe.

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