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Browned Butter Blueberry Muffins

Yes, I know… these aren’t quite cupcakes. But they are in the shape of a cupcake… so that totally counts, right? It’s blueberry season here in Washington and they blueberries are everywhere. Plump, juicy and full of delicious flavor. I bought four giant pints of blueberries at the market this weekend and knew I had to do some baking with them. My first attempt are these Browned Butter Blueberry Muffins with a crumbly sugar and butter topping… the recipe comes from Bakerella. (Click HERE for the complete recipe)

I’m not sure if I browned the butter correctly… my daughter said it smelled like grilled cheese while I was making it. I may have burnt it just a bit. Next time, I’ll watch it closer… like the recipe said to. *Ooops* The batter was perfect for 12 muffins, full of blueberries… and the crumbly topping was a perfect addition to add some crunchy texture to the muffins.

They were so good, I ate two just as they came out of the oven. Shoved them in my mouth while dripping crumbs all over the sink. Totally worth the mess. This morning, I’ve got my cup of coffee and have devoured two more muffins… a bit slower this time though. Delish.

PS… the muffins taste nothing like grilled cheese either :)


Monday 14th of September 2009

Oh, la, la! I LOVE blueberry anything!! YUM! Mmm, makes me think of our brand new fragrance blueberry or our blueberry lemon poundcake! :D


Friday 21st of August 2009

P.S i left something for you on my blog =]

Life by the Handful

Friday 21st of August 2009

I've been contemplating the drive to pick blueberries with the kids and I think I'm going to do it now. These look so good. I wish I had one to eat right now! - A friend from SITS!


Friday 21st of August 2009

Yumm times 3.It's blueberry season here too, and we have them coming out of our ears, heehee.Your blueberry muffins looks scrumptious. I am glad to have found your blog!

Congrats on the SITS


Wednesday 19th of August 2009

Looks delicious..... I love me some bluebberry muffins :)