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Banana Bread Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Well, I’ve made my Banana Bread Cupcakes again… this time they really are cupcakes garnished with delicious cream cheese frosting and a crunchy banana chip on top!!

The first batch got a little crispy on the bottom (darn my oven)… but the rest turned out beautifully! :) I’m taking these to my Art Class tomorrow for our end of the quarter potluck. I hope they enjoy!!

Click on image for recipe.


Sunday 23rd of October 2016

You will most likely find that it’s not accurate enough and is regulated over too high a temperature range. Cooking takes place over a range of 100-250F and a degree of inaccuracy of + or – 10F is not critical. Cooking thermometers will reflect this.


Sunday 5th of January 2014

Hello! It is probably my eyes, but I cannot tell if this recipe says 3 ripe bananas or 8 ripe bananas....can someone help??

Klara Clemson

Tuesday 30th of November 2010

Cool post! I don't know why Google doesn't make it easier to find this kind of stuff.... Keep it coming though!


Monday 17th of August 2009

These sound sinful! Yum!



Monday 17th of August 2009

Happy SITS day! I was about to make banana bread, but I'm now about to make banana bread cupcakes. My kids will be over the moon!