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Orange Creamsicle Disaster

*I’ll take better pictures in the daylight tomorrow!*

So I’m a little bummed how the Orange Creamsicle cupcakes turned out tonight. I followed the recipe as instructed, but I think some things need a little tweeking. Next time, I’ll only fill the cups 1/2 way and really watch them the last 2 minutes.

Some of them came out a little toasty around the edges. And although the marshmallow makes it the creamsicle part, I’m not sure if I like how it looks piped onto the cupcake. I think next time, I’ll stick with straight orange buttercream frosting (which is DELICIOUS, by the way) and just call them Orange Delight cupcakes.

I’ll try these again someday…. make them perfect!!

Kathy B!

Thursday 5th of March 2009

They sound delicious, but then I love all things cupcake... and pie...

I just did SiTS roll call and your comment was right above mine. I had to stop over and say that I hope you're okay. Be strong.

The Blonde Duck

Wednesday 4th of March 2009

Practice makes perfect!

Alexis AKA MOM

Wednesday 4th of March 2009

They look gorgeous and yummy to me! I can come over and take (eat) a few off your hands ... LOL