7 thoughts on “Buttercream Flowers

  1. Very cool tutorial! I will have to try that technique for sure. (I do however need a new pastry bag, i have broken 2 of the cheapie ones in the last 2 weeks) Thanks for the link!

  2. I love has she makes it looks so easy. I’m sure I’ll be able to bust that out just as quick and easy. Yup and then everyone will want me to make their cupcakes. What dreaming? Yup I thought so too. LOL

  3. She makes it look so easy…..wavy wavy wavy….squiggle squiggle squiggle
    Yeah right…. 🙂
    So fun….thanks for sharing

  4. What a great video. Love the descriptions she uses to decorate – wavy wavy, squiggly squiggly – isn't something you expect to come out of a professional chef's vocabulary when it comes to things like that! Too funny – but totally great idea. Enjoy your day in the SITS spotlight today.

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