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Dog Tag, Inc Fellowship Program – Weeks 3 & 4

I can’t fight the past and I can’t control the past, but I can do something about the future. So, from today forward, building the new… building my new future is what I am going to do.

Let’s recap some of the highlights from the program over the last two weeks!
Dog Tag, Inc was awarded the Veteran Business Mentorship Award from the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce!  Meghan Ogilive our CEO graciously accepted the award on behalf of the entire Dog Tag family.  It was a great honor to see all the hard work of Meghan, Fr. Curry and Connie Milstein paying off!

My cohort is still on it’s kitchen rotation with Executive Pastry Chef Rebecca Clerget and we were very busy in the kitchen!

We made 200 cookies that we then put into goodie bags that we hand delivered in a grass roots marketing effort to spread the word about our bakery and catering options! We went to 16 hotels in Georgetown and Rosslyn and will go to another 7 next week in Dupont Circle. It was a really eye opening hands on experience that taught me the power of community networking!

In the classroom, our Principles of Management class ended with our first final exam. Dr. McCabe taught us the essentials for being effective managers, skills for leading and motivating and negotiation skills. It was a really great class and I learned so much from it!

Dr. McCabe requested a class picture, so we all dressed up and he wore shorts! He’s a funny man, that Dr. McCabe!


Our Marketing class is continuing on and I’m learning a lot about branding and how to position a company in a market with competitors.  It’s really interesting stuff and I’m beginning to think about how to incorporate what I’m learning to my blog now and a potential new business in the future.

Our CEO Meghan Ogilvie and her brother Dr. Chris Ogilvie were with us for a morning of Learning Labs. Meghan shared with the us the story of how Fr. Curry and Connie Milstein founded the bakery and where their vision started.

Father Curry passed away this last December and I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person. However, I do know how important his life’s work and his vision for Dog Tag were. I feel honored and blessed to be a part of this program.

Dr. Chris Ogilvie talked to us about nutrition and how we need to stop eating sugar and wheat and to start our day with more protein. We’re tying, but uhm… we work in a bakery. Ha!

Today’s learning lab with our great partners at Deloitte. Resume working 1-on-1! #bakingadifference

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Finally, we had one-on-one sessions with professionals from Deloitte who worked with us to perfect our resume. My challenges wasn’t figuring out how to layout the resume, but how to take what have done as a volunteer with the Army and my blog and put it into words that will best represent me on my resume.

This process has been a real eye opener… I found that I can actually call myself an Independent Consultant, a Brand Manager, and Consultant. Who know that my blog would translate into such great opportunities!

I’m really looking forward to seeing what next week brings me!

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Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

Friday 29th of July 2016

ahh I love reading about all that you're learning!