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{Review} Zuckerpuppe – Nürnberg, Germany

Over the 4th of July weekend, my family and I made an impromptu trip to Nürnberg for an afternoon of Starbucks and shopping.  While we were there, my hubby decided to take me to Zuckerpuppe, a cupcake shop I had yet to go to.  Crazy, we’ve been here for over 2 years and I hadn’t been to the cupcake shop that was the closet!

{Review} Zuckerpuppe - Nürnberg, Germany by

Zuckerpuppe is located just off a main road in Nürnberg, tucked between a few other stores.  We walked right by the cute little store front the first time… but it was hard to miss once we saw all the pink in the window and the cute little table and chairs outside.

Unfortunately, since this wasn’t a planned visit… I didn’t have my Cannon with me and had to use my crappy camera phone to take pictures.  I plan to visit the shop again someday and will take better pictures then!

Inside the shop was small and quaint, but the display case was full of delicious looking cupcakes.  At first glance, I noticed that almost every flavor was offered in two sizes… regular and mini.  I LOVED this option.  It was great for someone like me who wants to try lots of flavors, but not have to eat an entire cupcake.

{Review} Zuckerpuppe - Nürnberg, Germany by

So, I asked the nice lady (Sabrina- the owner!) behind the counter for one of each of the mini’s.  8 total.

Let me tell you… I was pleasantly surprised by these cupcakes!   There wasn’t one cupcake that I didn’t like.  The flavors were simple, but  they were done well.

The vanilla cakes were moist and had vanilla bean seeds through out.  The chocolate cakes were dense and full of chocolate flavor… and that chocolate frosting.  OH MY.  It was so rich and smooth and decadent!  I could have eaten a cup of just that frosting.

The lemon cupcake was tart but still sweet and was topped with a cream cheese frosting.  Actually, a lot of the cakes were topped with a cream cheese frosting… which made for a very rich, creamy and smooth frosting.  My husband and I both commented on how we really enjoyed that part of the cupcakes.

{Review} Zuckerpuppe - Nürnberg, Germany by

My overall assessment of Zuckerpuppe is definitely a positive one.  The cupcakes were flavorful and delicious and a lot like American cupcakes.  They were sweet, but not over powering… which made them great for Germany.   They were so tasty, I went back for seconds on the chocolate and got a caramel bananas to try too!

I would have like to see more variety in the flavors though.  They had the basics, vanilla, chocolate, lemon, red velvet… but only one specialty flavor (a caramel banana, which was SUPER YUM, btw!).  I like to be WOWed by the flavors when I first look into a case of cupcakes.

{Review} Zuckerpuppe - Nürnberg, Germany by

I’ll definitely be making another visit to this cupcake shop though… and maybe even order some for a party or event since they’re so close!  Hmmmmm… I wonder if they’re hiring? HA! :)

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Friday 19th of July 2013

Hi Betsy! I just found your blog through Love From The Oven. I'm already loving some of your recipies, Red Velvet and Nutella? Genious! Also perfect for Germany. My husband and I were stationed at Vilseck and we love Bavaria. Oh the food....Have you been to steak and stone? I can't remember where it is but if you love a good steak ask around at Vilseck, someone will probably know what I'm talking about.

Betsy Eves

Saturday 20th of July 2013

Hello! Glad you found me!! We haven't been to Steak on a Stone yet- but we've heard it's DELISH... actually thinking about taking the hubby there for our anniversary next week! I believe it's in Pottenstein, right? I think someone put one in Graf recently too. Thanks for the comment!! Glad to "meet" you!

Tammy Patterson

Tuesday 9th of July 2013

I'm gonna have to check them out!