10 Things I Loved This Week

Another week has gone by… and what a week it was!  I made vanilla cupcakes that had melty frosting cause it was so HOT! I took my daughter for her first surgery where she was sedated.  We almost bought a BMW.  And… I cleaned my house and did laundry.  Might not sound like much… but shoot, it was BUSY!

Through all the chaos, I came across a few things I loved.  🙂  Enjoy!

1. Six Sisters Stuff lists 50 of the best recipes for brownies.  I need to bookmark this and TRY THEM ALL!

2. Baker’s Royale is a genius with this Oreo Stuffed Bundt Cake.  *drool*

3. Pink Ombre Ruffle Cupcakes – I really need to make something ombre.  I’ve posted three weeks in a row now about ombre.  lol

4. 2014 I’ll be going to London… The Bottom of the Ironing Basket just did a cupcake crawl there.  I need to go to every shop on her list! YUM!

5. Christian Grey… ’nuff said.

6. Chocolate Chip Banana Cake.  Oh heavens!

7. I made another cake…. Rainbow Pom Pom with vertical layers.   

8. I love the piping on this cake…. I totally think I could do this!

9. Super cute idea for a summer time cake!  Melting ice cream on top by The Sweetest Kitchen.

10. I love croissants… I really need to learn to make them.  Maybe with this tutorial??

3 thoughts on “10 Things I Loved This Week

  1. You were super busy.. you are always super busy! I love this post.. gave me a lot of other things/places to go explore 🙂 That last one.. the croissants… I want to make those more than anything now… some with chocolate.. some with almond paste ( I LOVE almond croissants) and some plain… those look amazing and even though that post does not make seem easy.. it does make it seem doable… thank you for sharing

  2. I made croissants because of this post. My car was in the shop for two so I figured why not! They were so good. I’m not a huge croissant person, but I couldn’t stop eating them. I stuffed some with chocolate and some with apricot preserves.

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