Bakerella Book Signing & a “Cake Pops” Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love Bakerella!?  I mean seriously… she’s mastered the Cake Pop and at least a dozen other yummy baked goods.   She’s a baking master and… she’s as sweet as sugar!

Here she is in all her cuteness at her Seattle “Cake Pop” book signing!

Photo courtesy of Bakerella.

See all those people behind her… holding up books…. I’m one of them! (can’t see me though… I was off to the side)

Bakerella started off with a Q & A session where she gave lots of tips for making the perfect cake pop!

Here are a couple of her tips…

Tip 1:  Use plastic deep plastic bowls, like this one, for your candy melts and dipping your pops.  Plastic and deep are they key here.

Tip 2: Use edible ink pens to create faces and decorations on your Cake Pops.

Guess who else was at the book signing?  Jessie from CakeSpy and Carrie from Bella Cupcake Couture!  Aren’t they just too cute for words?

Thanks Bakerella for this photo!

And how stinkin cute is this little girl who came with her Mom for the book signing!!

Finally… it’s my turn to meet Bakerella! I stood in line for an hour waiting patiently…

until finally… we meet!

And she signed my “Cake Pops” book!!

And what’s this… She’s signing a book for you too!!

That’s right!!  It’s time to give away this personalized signed copy of Bakerella’s “Cake Pops” book to one lucky JavaCupcake reader!

To enter to WIN… leave a comment here with your favorite Bakerella Cake Pop creation!

One lucky winner will be chosen, by random, on Halloween, Oct. 31st!

Good Luck!

(Note: Giveaway open only to residents of the USA and Canada.)

PS… here are the rest of the pictures from the book signing! AND a link to the book signing shoutout that Bakerella gave me on her blog!


  1. Stacy

    I can’t just pick one!! I love them all LOL


  2. Nancy Stymacks

    Mr. Potato Head RULES!!!!


  3. Kati

    I love all of Bakerella’s creations, but if I had to choose one, I would choose her Halloween pops–especially this time of year, they are so cute!! thanks!


  4. Michelle

    A favorite Bakerella Cake Pop ?? I am pretty sure that is not possible to pick just one. I found her site just about a year ago and fell in love within seconds. I have made many many cake pops since then.. all inspired by her. Some of my favorites.. are the brownie with walnuts… the chocolate cake with peanut butter centers… White cake with coconut rum… there are a million more I want to try. Bakerella is Awesome and you Betsy are too!


  5. Kimberly Russell

    It is impossible to choose just any one….they all are just completely adorable!


  6. Nancy Burfeind

    I totally LOVE the Cure Cancer pops. I may try to do something like them as a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association (reduced sugar, of course!) Thanks for the inspiration!!


  7. Stephanie Reed

    The gumball machine is my favorite and I hope to one day get up the nerve to make them!


  8. Ronda Panyik

    The little cupcakes, of course!!


  9. Mandy

    I have to say, I am partial to the Winnie the Pooh cake pops! I just have a soft spot for anything Pooh! :-D


  10. rose dowdy

    I love the Mrs. Potts ones they are just to stinking cute.


  11. Tosha

    My girls are popcorn lovers, so I’d have to say the little “popcorn pops” are just too cute! But I really love them all!


  12. Mrsmommee

    I love then all (biting nails) which one is my fave oh gosh idk. All of them!!! I just can’t choose!!!


  13. Amy

    Love the Sesame Street pops! Fun fun!


  14. Jaime S

    The mini cupcake pops…so cute!


  15. Amber

    I would LOVE to make the red velvet cake balls one day..


  16. Tran

    It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to pick just one favorite.. but I LOVE the ones she did for Toy Story 3.


  17. Jeannette

    Bakerella’s little white sheep are by FAR my favorite. I keep looking at them and awwww-ing!! too cute!!

    thanks for the giveaway!!!


  18. Teresa Hilario

    I love the hello kitty cake pops!


  19. Jennifer Medina

    One? Are you kidding? Impossible! Love Bakerella!


  20. Maria Walker

    Definitely the classic – red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting and chocolate covering!


  21. efrain

    I think the red velvet / cream cheese frosting / chocolate kind is my fave ;)


  22. Cineca@ Dreamin' N Details

    So hard to choose a favorite…but I really like the sesame street :)


  23. Kathleen Santoro

    Hello Kitty has to be my favorite !
    Can’t wait to meet Bakerella at King of Prussia Mall !!!!!


  24. Stephanie

    I love the piggies and roosters!


  25. Caroline

    “Sesame Street pops” made me the best mom for my 2 kids…thanks for the chance to win this great book.


  26. Sue

    How on earth can I pick one?

    Well, I did really like the Mr. Potato Heads.


  27. Taylor Montgomery

    The latest ones!! Ms. Potts!!! <3 Love Bakerella…wish she was coming to Florida for a book signing!!! <3


  28. Luanne Seipt

    I made the bees for my daughter’s 6th bday!! I HUGE hit with flower sugar cookies-but the cupcake ones are adorable!!


  29. Jennifer Magofna

    I LOVED the “Will You Marry Me” post with the cake pops… cutest story, ever and they were adorable! Thanks for hosting the giveaway :)


  30. Cassie

    Oh man.. i love them all… the Mini pumpkin pies are my favorite!!! :)


  31. Sugar Daze

    Good lord, do I really have to pick one??? She is amazing — I mean no one had ever seen a cake pop before she came along and how long have we all been baking cupcakes????

    I’m going with Hello Kitty — a classic and the one my little girl always asks for! x Cat

    PS if i win, hoping my friend with US address doesn’t try to steal the book from me! :)


  32. BlancanArenas

    I just love your work! you have inspired me to make my own…….for my family! thank you so much! keep up the good work!


  33. Kristin

    I absolutely love the Frosty the Snowman cake pops! They are too cute for words!


  34. Lacey Newman

    I really like the bees!!


  35. Sarah

    As it’s quickly approaching and I’m just a teensy weensy bit obsessed with Halloween, my favorite cake pops are these trick or treat ones:

    The werewolf is priceless.


  36. Tiffany Harmon

    I love love love the red velvet cake pops! Even better when they’re shaped like the little cupcakes. So delicious!


  37. Lisa

    Love, love the red velvet cake pops recipe …I am getting ready for Halloween , wish me luck… :0)


  38. blas333

    My best friend and I are making cake pops and cupcake pops for a baby shower this weekend! We absolutely love Bakerella!


  39. Amy V

    I love the turkey pops she made for Thanksgiving one year. I attempted them but can use more practice!


  40. mary morrison

    I love all your cake pops. It’s impossible to choose just one.


  41. Amy

    I love Bakerella! hard to choose my favorites. I love the Disney pops, especailly the pooh bear. And I will be trying to make the Halloween pops this weekend. And I love to make the cupcake pops. I have made so many of them.

    P.S. It’s my birthday today, and to win this book would be the best present ever!


  42. Katherine

    Goodness – All of her cake pops are absolutely adorable!

    I’f I had to pick just one, I think I’d go with her cupcake cake pops. Those sweet little things are absolutely lovely! And, once I gather all the confidence I need, I’ll be giving those little guys a try!


    1. Katherine

      I’m so excited this morning that my typing has gotten ahead of me! ;]



  43. gloria

    it’s definitely Mr. Potato Head. He is so cute!


  44. Desiree

    the hello kitty one’s are my favorite


  45. Kelly N.

    They’re all so wonderful! I really like the Fourth of July pops. Although more simple looking than the others, I love the patriotic theme that goes with making a bunch. I am a military spouse, and I would love to make this set for my Hubby’s command!!!!


  46. mickey myers

    I love the cupcake bites. They are great. I made them for my family and friends and everyone absolutely loved them as well.


  47. Marie Leonard

    The black cats. Please accept my entry for the book giveaway.
    Marie in Seattle


  48. Libby

    Looove mr. Potato head! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!!

    How early did you have to get there?


  49. Kristin Price

    I love all of Bakerella’s cake pops but my favorite would have to be the Hello Kitty! Too cute!


  50. Kiki

    I love all of them but I would have to say the Halloween cake pops are my favorite!


  51. Jennifer

    My favorite are her Frosty the snowman ones. I just can’t wait till I get the chance to make some! My plans for this week were foiled by overbooking myself. I WILL be making some for the holidays tho! I need the book for more inspiration!!


  52. Mia

    I love the hello kitty ones!


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