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Portland Cupcake Crawl: Saint Cupcake

Our third stop in our Portland Cupcake Crawl, Saint Cupcake, was the only shop that I had heard about before coming down to Portland.  Saint Cupcake is located at 407 nw 17th ave @ flanders, portland oregon 97209.  You can also find Saint Cupcake on Facebook!

The exterior of the cupcake shop was really neat.  They had big windows so you could see inside to all the cupcakes and the happenings of the store as well as some tables with fun umbrellas and decorations on them.  On a hot sunny day, Saint Cupcake would be a fun place to grab a cupcake and a drink and enjoy the outdoors.

Upon entering Saint Cupcake, I was flooded with a sea of pink!! Pink walls, pink decorations… everything was sweet, fun, cute and pink! This shop would be a little girls dream!  The shop had a small interior, some bar seating and a few tables and chairs and a case loaded with cupcakes!

On one wall, they had this huge mural with the “Story of Saint Cupcake” written on it! So fun!

What I loved about this shop was their huge assortment of mini cupcakes!  There were TONS of them!  I love it when shops have so many mini’s to choose from… it makes me want to order as many as I can!!

So we picked our 4 mini cupcakes and headed out!  I couldn’t wait to try these little yummies!! We didn’t eat them right away though because this was our third stop that day and we were getting cupcaked out!  So, we saved them for later at the hotel.

Oh, and I couldn’t pass up taking a picture of their delivery truck! So cute!

Unfortunately, the cupcakes didn’t survive the heat in our car or my daughter.  Emily stacked the adorable Saint Cupcake box into the soft sided cooler and all the cupcakes were smushed by the time we got to our hotel… so I have no pictures of the cupcakes we chose.   I was so angry… tried to piece together the cupcakes, but didn’t take any pictures of them.  They however, still tasted DELICIOUS!

Saint Cupcake’s website has tons of pictures if you want to see more of their cupcakes!!  This shop is definitely a sweet spot in Portland and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to get cupcakes or host a little girls party!


Tuesday 10th of August 2010

I love this place. I lived in Portland when they first opened and was able to visit quite often. Their red velvet is SO yum!