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Portland Cupcake Crawl: Bliss Bake Shop

The first stop on our Portland Cupcake Crawl was Bliss Bake Shop located at 4708 Northwest Bethany Boulevard, Portland, OR.  What a treat this was too… it couldn’t have been a better place to begin our crawl!

We pull up to the shop nestled in a quaint neighborhood shopping center and can immediately smell the cupcake goodness coming from the bake shop.  A sign for story time greets us as we make our way into the bright, fun filled cupcake shop!

Immediately, I notice the decor of the shop… a little bit retro, a little bit modern… a lot fun!! The bright blues just popped against the bright white walls.

Ooohhh the cupcakes!!! They had so many to choose from! The first thing I noticed was that Bliss had their mini cupcakes displayed right next to their regular size cupcakes… this is something that most of the cupcake shops in Seattle don’t do.  So, I was surprised to see a complete assortment of mini’s!  Also on the menu was a selection of gluten-free cupcakes!  The very kind girl behind the counter told us they had been asked to serve some and they are slowing getting more popular and hope to expand their selection when demand increases!  How awesome is that?

We chose 4 mini’s to sample.  Rainbow bliss, Mocha bliss, Vanilla bliss, and Chocolate Chip Mint bliss.   All of them excellent… moist and the buttercream was smooth and full of flavor!

I loved this little shop so much, that my husband bought me a Bliss Bake Shop t-shirt that says I <3 Cupcakes on the front!  The people at the shop were so great to chat with, there was even a little play area for the kids to hang out while Moms enjoy their cupcakes.

I also should mention that Bliss also serves ice cream, cookies and makes milkshakes!  My husband got a mocha ice cream milkshake and he said it was one of the best he’s ever had! Yay for Bliss milkshakes!

You can find Bliss on Facebook and Twitter so make sure to follow them… and stop by their shop the next time you’re in Portland!  It’s a must visit Pacific Northwest destination!


Wednesday 23rd of October 2013

I was wondering if you make Gender Reveal cupcakes. THank you

Betsy Eves

Wednesday 23rd of October 2013

Unfortunately, I'm not a bakery - I only write about cupcakes! :)

Shawn Catherine Fisher

Sunday 20th of June 2010

I have been to Bliss Bake Shop a few times on my trips to Portland -- where I am fortunate enough to be able to WALK to their awesome shop from where I stay!

Being a cupcake aficionado from East Coast to West Coast (props to Georgetown Cupcake), I honestly can say that I <3 Bliss Bake Shop with a passion usually reserved only for my children and favorite sports teams!

They ... are ... the ... best! :)


Friday 11th of June 2010

oooh, I love your blog... and I live in PDX so I'm going to visit Bliss... and have a gluten free cupcake!

and it's funny, I'm waiting for cupcakes I just baked to cool so I can frost them... :)


Friday 11th of June 2010

That's awesome Kristina!! What kind are you making??

Let me know how you like Bliss!! I LOVED them! :)