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Cupcake Wars: A Rant.

Happy Monday and First Day of Summer… it’s such a pretty GRAY chilly day out. FABULOUS.

Ok not to beat a dead cupcake so to speak but today I am going to talk about Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.  I have only watched one episode but after that one I can only assume that it’s not getting any better.

Upon the first couple of minutes it was clear that the format of the show was the tried and true “Iron Chef” … but the table of ingredients the contestants had felt less exciting. I mean make a savory cupcake … ok… your choices are bacon, maple etc etc etc. WOW my choices are either a seafood item or a flavor combination that everyone does.   Which one will I choose!?
Hoping for all hope that it’s going to get better I keep watching… did anyone else notice the assistant on the winning team was actress Maureen Flannigan?… I honestly for the next five minutes was googling her, is she in the cupcake business now? Why is she there? Why is she confused? Is she a stand in?

Ok… round one, underwhelmed… round two, even more unimpressed and then round three…

Make 1000 cupcakes and a display…  Both displays where original, the tier was classy… the golf course was cheap… the fact that it won was amazing.  Also does anyone believe it was made in the time allotted, painted and then dried? A little TV magic maybe… but what I couldn’t get over was all the crying and yelling.  I mean its CUPCAKES. I can understand TV stress and pressure but really?!

So my blog today as you can tell has been building and become more of a rant.  I’ll probably find myself watching more episodes but so far, Cupcake Wars was more of a backyard brawl.

Post by: Lisa Gagnon of Wink Cupcakes – Seattle, WA

Thanks to Two Parts Sugar for the photo!

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