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Celebrate Earth Day… with Cupcakes!

I thought I’d celebrate today by sharing with you a collection of cakes and Cupcakes I’ve found which celebrate Earth Day! Remember: TAKE CARE OF OUR PLANET! It’s the only one we have! :)

by: Blue Cupcake

by: Vanilla & Lace

by: Woman’s Day

by: betzi on the

by: Aspiring Artist

by: Delectable by Su

by: Annie’s Eats

by: MissKerouac on

by: Jacki’s Bento Blog

by: The Bleeding Heart Bakery

by: Classy Cupcakes

by: Swirlz Cupcakes

by: Madness Rivera

by: Brit Cochran

by: Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique

by: Cookies and Cups

by: Stillatulsagirl with caps by Cupcake Caps

by: Nicole Marie Campre

by: Stepford Kitchen

by: eyllom

by: Love Me Twice Today

2009 Earth Day Cupcake Collage by *kimmie*

1. Earth Day cupcake from Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique, 2. Fun with royal icing, 3. Vanilla Birthday Cupcakes, 4. Turtle fondant cupcake topper, 5. Tropical, 6. Blue Ducky Cupcakes b, 7. Earth Cupcakes!, 8. Oh! Island in the sun…, 9. Blue butterflies.., 10. Seeing Green Cupcake Cuppy, 11. My first cupcake experiment, 12. Green and Blue Heart Cupcakes, 13. Blue…., 14. Blue Butterfly Cupcakes, 15. green butterfly, 16. 17.365 #2

2010 Earth Day Collage by *kimmie*

1. earth day cupcakes, 2. Earth Day Cupcakes, 3. IMG_6974, 4. world cake 3, 5. Day 98/365: She’s got the whole world in her hands, 6. Blue Bubblegum Cupcake, 7. Earth Day Cupcakes, 8. Earth Day, 9. Earth Day cupcake, 10. Earth Day cupcakes, 11. Inch Worm Cupcake, 12. 73, 13. Space cupcakes!, 14. Individually Boxed Earth Cupcakes, 15. My World Cupcake plz, 16. world peace cake


Saturday 24th of April 2010

These are so great!! What a fun site!

Blessings! Amanda


Thursday 22nd of April 2010

How cool are these!! I'm glad you decided to celebrate Earth Day with something yummy!!