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DivaMomNYC dishes on a NYC cupcake truck

JavaCupcake Note: This is a guest blog post from Taneesha Crawford of DivaMomNYC.
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cupcake Truck

Some people are serious about food, others about wine. My obsession is cupcakes! I love them! They are small pieces of heaven on earth. You have the satisfaction of a cake without the guilt of eating a whole one. There are some key factors in a good cupcake one is the icing it should always be fresh and creamy. It can be sweet but not overpowering. The cake should be moist and have flavor. If you are like me I like to have a little icing with each bite of cake so if both of them are too sweet it becomes too much. There have been several places I have been very loyal to including Magnolia,Cupcake Factory and Crumbs.

Today I was reading the NY Times and came across an article about a mobile cupcake truck! Genius! I love the MUD truck because I love their coffee and the concept of it being mobile adds to the allure. So as I am reading the article I learn the truck will be debuting today in 2 locations. I quickly friend them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter this is serious business.

The truck is going to be in Chelsea until 10pm so I make sure to get all my errands and motherly duties done so I can reward myself. Its 8pm and I’m done I get on the 5 train head to union square and take a nice walk up to 23rd street. As I approach 7th avenue I see the truck in all its sweet glory with lights around it and adorned in painted cupcakes.. Beautiful! I cross the street and avoid getting ran over by cars whizzing down 7th avenue.. The closer I get my hearts starts beating faster..Cupcakes,Cupcakes,Cupcakes!

I walk up to the truck and order the Oreo. I ask if they did wholesale. The guy working the truck points to the genius who came up with the idea his boss Lev Ekster who I shake hands with and inform him that I have been waiting for this moment all day. I let him know I am serious about my cupcakes. He asks me where I usually go and I tell him Crumbs he tells the guy in the Truck to give me another cupcake and tell him what I think. I let him know I can’t lie about these things. It was a damn good cupcake!

So I got to meet the owner, enjoy 2 complimentary cupcakes and make a business connection. I also suggested a new flavor white chocolate hazelnut.

So make sure to check them out you won’t regret it. If you are lucky and early enough try the Red Velvet. The prices are great $2.25 for a regular and a buck for a mini!

Sweet Peace,