Rainbow Cupcakes

And finally, the last cupcakes I made were a tri-color cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting. While making the lemon cupcake batter, I saved some aside that did not have the lemon, leaving a basic vanilla batter. I separated that into three and colored two of them pink and green. I spooned each color into the cups to creak the rainbow effect! :) For my first attempt, I think they turned out really great!

Click on recipe image above to see ingredients and step by step instructions!


  1. Mo Diva

    what beautiful cupcakes


  2. lyndsay

    i can never get enough of these rainbow cupcakes! i gotta attempt these again, it’s been a while… : )


  3. Steffen Caldwell

    Just made these. 24 wonderful, colorful cupcakes. Pics over facebook to follow.

    Had enough for one more and I added nuts oats and sweet corn fr our pet rats. They loved it completely!


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