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Top 12 Essentials for Home Bakers | The JavaCupcake Blog

Top 12 Essentials for Home Bakers

Some of my favorite things in the kitchen are tools that make baking simple and easy!  These are my Top 12 Essentials for Home Bakers!

Top 12 Essentials for Home Bakers | The JavaCupcake Blog

  1. Mixing bowls

    I have 7 mixing bowls in various sizes that I use every time I bake.  Whether it’s to mix the wet and dry ingredients in before adding to the mixer or to make the batter in… I must have a set of mixing bowls.  My favorites are these KitchenAid Mixing Bowls Set of 3, Assorted Colors.  Cute colors and the perfect sizes.

  2. Mini spatulas

    I never knew I needed these mini spatulas until I had them… and now I use them ALL. THE. TIME!  They’re perfect for getting in the bottom of the peanut butter or jam jar or mixing food coloring into a bowl of buttercream.  The possibilities are endless.  My favorite is this Core Kitchen 5 Piece Crete Mini Utensil Set.

  3. Cake stands

    Obsessed may be an understatement for me.  I love cake stands.  In fact, I don’t hide them away in a closet, yet they are prominently displayed on my sideboard in my living room.  Not only do I use them to display cakes, cupcakes, and desserts… but they are also home decor!  I am especially in love with cake stands like this one… Now Designs Tin Cake Stand, Aqua.

  4. Aprons

    Not only should you wear an apron to keep your clothes free of sugar and flour when you bake, but you should wean an apron because it makes you feel good!  I own about a dozen aprons and this one from Kate Spade is my absolute favorite! Kate Spade Diner Stripe Apron, 33 x 33″, Vivid Snap Dragon.

  5. Spoon rest

    With the amount of scraping the bowl and mixing wet ingredients I do, if I don’t have a spoon rest to set my utensils on, the counter gets dirty… quick!  I currently have a Polish Pottery spoon rest, but I’d love this mason jar one too! 1 X Mason Jar Ceramic Spoon Rest

  6. Pot holders

    My favorite pot holders are these small square washable holders.  I like them because they fit in my small kitchen drawers easily and don’t take up a lot of room. These DII 100% Cotton, Machine Washable, Everyday Kitchen Basic Terry Potholder Set of 3, Aqua are especially cute!

  7. Measuring cups & spoons

    My favorite measuring cups and spoons are the orange Tupperware set that came from my Grandmothers kitchen.  I love them because they’re simple, sturdy and can be tossed in the dishwasher.  They don’t make them like my Grandma’s anymore, but I’m certain the quality is still the same from Tupperware! Tupperware Measuring Cup and Spoon Set in Rain Drop/Salt Water Taffy

  8. Dish towels

    I keep a dish towel over my shoulder when I bake because I am constantly needing to wipe my hands off.  Keeping a clean, dry kitchen is important to me while baking… makes for easier clean up in the end and makes life so much easier! DII 100% Cotton, Machine Washable, Everyday Kitchen Basic Windowpane Combo Dish Cloth Set of 6, Aqua

  9. Cookie dough scoop

    Making cookies an even, uniform size can only be done with a cookie dough scoop.  It’s been a game changer for me when making cookies.  My favorite is the OXO Good Grips Medium Cooke Scoop.

  10. Parchment paper

    Whether I’m lining a baking sheet for cookies or lining, greasing and flouring a pan for cake… parchment paper is a must have for almost everything I bake.  My favorite is Reynolds Parchment Paper, 75 Sq Ft

  11. Stackable cooling racks

    Everything you bake must be cooled.  In my kitchen, counter space is limited so my favorite cooling racks are the ones that are stackable.  I don’t lose space and I can still use have access to the counter space under the rack! I am currently using Baker’s Secret 3 Tier Cooling Rack.

  12. Baking canisters

    I never really gave much thought into what I stored my flour and sugars in… until I bought these baking canisters from Sistema.  I love them because they are square, which means they take up less space in my cabinet… the tops lock on them which means no spilling if I drop it… and they stack easily!  The set even comes with a leveling knife for the flour.  Love this set so much! Sistema 1214 Bake It Storage Multi Piece Container Collection (Set of 15), White

Top 12 Essentials for Home Bakers | The JavaCupcake Blog

FREE PRINTABLE Baking Conversion Chart - Basic Ingredients |

Baking Conversion Charts

Converting recipes can be time-consuming and frustrating so I’ve decided to make for you these easy to follow, super cute Baking Conversion Charts!

Since living in Germany, I’ve been exploring European recipes and baking… most of which are in Metric measurements.  This can be tricky since most recipes in the United States use the Imperial measurement system.

Baking is not very forgiving. It is a science.  Estimating the measurements of an ingredient in a recipe spells disaster. While you can easily get away with a handful of this or that when you’re cooking dinner, even the slightest miscalculation could turn your soft-baked chocolate chip cookies into rocks.


Understanding the correct measuring technique for a particular ingredient will guarantee better baking results. Soft cookies, fluffy cakes, flaky crust!

Use these Baking Conversion Charts to help you ensure that your baking will be pure perfection!

Basic Ingredients Conversion Chart

The Basic Ingredients Conversion Chart below will help you convert basic baking ingredients such as flour, sugar and butter.  We’ve also included powdered sugar and heavy cream since those are both used in many frosting recipes.

FREE PRINTABLE Baking Conversion Charts - Basic Ingredients |


Download & Print the Baking Conversion Chart – Basic Ingredients

Measurements & Temperatures Conversion Chart

The Measurements & Temperatures Conversion Chart below is designed to help you with the rest of the ingredients in your recipe.  This easy to understand chart should make converting things like liquids and nuts or baking chips from Imperial to Metric.

We’ve also included a Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion to help with baking temperatures.

FREE Baking Conversion Charts - Measurements & Temperature | The JavaCupcake Blog

Download & Print the Baking Conversion Chart – Measurements & Temperatures

Mini Printable Conversion Chart

Finally, we’ve got a Mini Printable Temperature Conversion Chart below for you to keep close to your oven!  You could easily attach this to a magnet at stick it to your stove top!

FREE PRINTABLE Mini Baking Conversion Charts - Temperature |


Download & Print the Free Mini Temperature Conversion Chart

I really hope you get some great use out of these baking conversion charts!  A huge thank you goes out to the team who designers who made these charts possible!

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