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Chaos and Coffee Podcast

Coming Soon in October 2023:
Get Ready to Stir Up Some Fun with
the Chaos & Coffee Podcast

Brace yourself for a caffeine-fueled adventure with Caira Benson and Betsy Eves, your hosts of the Chaos & Coffee Podcast.

Proudly powered by JavaCupcake, Betsy’s long-standing blog that’s been sweetening up the internet since 2009, we’re bringing a new flavor to the table.

Chaos & Coffee: Brewing Conversations that Matter

Chaos & Coffee will be a platform for us to share life’s chaos, all while sipping on a good cup of coffee. From the everyday to the extraordinary, we’ll be diving into topics that matter, all while keeping it real and keeping you entertained.

From navigating the everyday chaos to celebrating extraordinary moments, we’re committed to diving into the topics that resonate with you. Whether it’s about life, love, or the perfect cup of coffee, our mission is to keep it real, engaging, and above all, entertaining.

Expect the unexpected as we take you on this wild and fun-filled ride!

Join the Chaos & Coffee Community

Why wait when you can be a part of our growing community today? Stay updated, join in the conversation, and be the first to know when Chaos & Coffee goes live. Remember, this isn’t just our journey; it’s yours too. So, let’s brew some magic together!

Come along, grab your favorite cup of coffee, and let’s make some chaos together in the Chaos & Coffee Podcast!

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