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Cupcakes and Bikinis? Huh?

Last week I got a funny email from my sister.  She sent me a screen shot of my blog and the advertisement that happened to be on display while she was browsing.

I opened up the email and was shocked to see a half naked lady on my blog!!! OMG!!! Censor your children’s eyes!! How could I possible have half naked ladies on my Cupcake blog? I mean really… do cupcakes and bikini’s go together? Last time I checked, they didn’t.

Here’s the ad. Send your children out of the room!

Come to find out, that the ad really had nothing to do with cupcakes and every thing to do with what my sister had been searching for or looking at on her computer recently.  If you notice, the ad is for Tommy Bahama… her husband’s favorite brand of clothing.

So I apologize in advance if Google puts a half naked lady in the ad on my blog when you’re searching.  But know, if they do… it’s your fault :P hehe

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