The Winner Is…

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Using the Integer Generator, the number 77 was chosen. This means the 77th comment on the blog is the winner of this giveaway!!! The Winner is… Lanette aka soSensational!!!! Winning Comment:Twitter: Congratulations!!! To Claim Your Prize:Email me at betsy@javacupcake.comPlease include:NameMailing Address Your goodies will arrive to you by the end of the […] Read more…


Rhubarb Cupcakes

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Rhubarb, what is rhubarb exactly? I’ve asked myself this dozens of times and to be honest, I still don’t have the answer. I asked a bunch of my friends on Twitter and they said it’s a tart veggie, but it’s used almost like a fruit it pies, jams and muffins and such. *humph* I still […] Read more…


Spring JavaCupcake Collaboration Giveaway!

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I’m so happy to announce the “Spring Java Cupcake Collaboration Giveaway”!! This giveaway features homemade creations from FOUR talented women who have handcrafted their unique, original products just for this event! Nowhere else will you find a giveaway like this!! Tell your friends!! Spread the news!!! The “Spring Java Cupcake Collaboration Giveaway” is here! Here […] Read more…


Sereh’s Cupcake Soap

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One of my new friends on Twitter (@serehs) specializes in cupcakes that get you clean. She makes the most adorable cupcake shaped soaps! They come in a variety of “flavors” from:Bunny CornNeopolitianand Red Velvet… and she’s got some mini cuppie soaps too! Check out her creations at Sereh’s: Cupcake Soaps, Handcrafted Soaps, Scented Soaps, Decorative […] Read more…


About Java Cupcake

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***Visit my personal blog! Tales of a Firedancer.*** Welcome to my little corner of the cupcake world!! Here you will find fun cupcake videos, pictures, and recipes! I’ll also be posting my adventures, success & upsets while trying new cupcake recipes! Java Cupcake was established Feb, 15, 2009 and has been growing strong every since. […] Read more…


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