Get Ready for Easter!

  • Creating a Glam Easter Brunch and Tablescape on a Budget
  • Southwestern Fajita Quiche
  • Dave’s Funfetti Peeps Cupcakes
  • S’mores Peeps Pops


Nuremberg Easter Market |

Nuremberg Easter Market

Every Spring, cities and towns both big and small in Germany celebrate the Easter season with a festive market.  The Ostermarkt (Easter Market) in Nuremberg is packed with vendors selling everything from flowers to jewelry, kitchen wares and food.  This past weekend, I had the opportunity to meet up with two fellow Army Wife bloggers in Nuremberg for a Bavarian Blogger Meetup! Melissa of Milligfuk (a Healthy Lifestyle, Travel & DIY blog) and Jamie of North of Something (a Family … [Read More...]

Creating a Glam Easter Brunch & Tablescape on a Budget |

Creating a Glam Easter Brunch and Tablescape on a Budget

Creating a Glam Easter Brunch and Tablescape on a Budget shouldn't be difficult... it should be fun! This DIY tutorial includes both food & decor ideas to host a glamorous yet thrifty brunch your guests will be impressed with! I'm so excited to be presenting you this two part series on how to create a Glam Easter Brunch and Tablescape with Rachel of  Rachel and I have done several blogging collaborations in the past, but this one is by far my favorite!  In this series, we'll … [Read More...]

Southwestern Fajita Quiche |

Southwestern Fajita Quiche

With Easter just a few days away, I prepared for you a delicious Southwestern Fajita Quiche that is perfect for Sunday brunch! I'm not going to pretend that I'm an expert quiche maker.  In fact,  this is the first I've ever made.  Typically for breakfast, my family makes an egg scramble where we just throw everything into one pan and mix it all up until it's cooked... fast, easy and delicious! But for Easter, I want to serve something a bit nicer, but still just as easy! This is a … [Read More...]

DIY Stipple Mugs |

DIY Stipple Mugs

Last year, I saw pictures on Instagram of a blogging convention where they had mugs on the table and permanent markers for people to decorate them with.  I thought this idea was genius and started searching Pinterest for more ideas.  Who knew that DIY Stipple Mugs were actually a thing!  A big thing! Seems like most DIY bloggers have a stipple mug tutorial on their blog and they all pretty much read the same.  Scrapbooking stickers, sharpies, etc etc etc.  Well, I don't really have access to … [Read More...]

How to Host a Slime Party | #ReadySetSlime

How to Host a Slime Party

This post is sponsored by Acorn: An Influence Company #ReadySetSlime Imagine being asked by Nickelodeon and Walmart to create a Slime Moment with your kids to get excited for the upcoming Kids' Choice Awards on March 28!   Now also imagine that you're a blogger who can't do anything small.  And then imagine that you live in Germany where you don't have access to amazing stores like Walmart to buy your supplies.  In my world, that's a challenge worth accepting! You can imagine how excited I … [Read More...]

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies |

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, these chewy Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies are a twist on my original chocolate chip cookie with a fresh minty taste!  You're going to love them! I'm not one to go crazy for St. Patrick's Day.  Why you may ask?  Well, because... I don't believe in Leprechauns.  There are enough Easter bunnies, tooth fairies and Santa's to worry about. It's another holiday that I feel I don't need to celebrate just because Target wants me to and I'm not even Irish. … [Read More...]

Tips for taking Beautiful Cupcake Photos |

Tips for Taking Beautiful Cupcake Photos

Katherine Moore is a friend I met through the power of Twitter and social media. We realized quickly that we lived only a few miles from each other and had a lot in common... our husbands are both deployed and we both have a love for cupcakes!  So, Katherine and I met in person by complete chance at the Cold Stone Creamery in our neighborhood and then got to spend time with her again at Cupcake Camp Seattle in 2011. I feel truly blessed to have become friends with such a talented baker and … [Read More...]

Minion Birthday Party |

Minion Birthday Party

We celebrated Matty's 3rd birthday with a Minion Birthday Party!  It was so much fun to plan and put together that I decided to share some of the details with you!  I decided last year that his 3rd birthday would be a Minion theme.  So, I started collecting Minion everything and pinning ideas to my Minion Party Pinterest Board. I seriously could have stared at this table all day.  I am in love with how it all turned out.  I just kinda winged it when setting up, but really love how it all … [Read More...]