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Mokka Sahne Torte

Mokka Sahne Torte

This is a guest post from my sweet friend, Roxanna.  Make sure to check out all her recipes featured on JavaCupcake and visit her on Facebook at The Red Eye Baker.  Some time ago I was chatting with my mother-in-law about sweet treats when she said, "Oh, next time I see you you'll have to make a Mokka Sahne Torte!" I'd never made one in my life (nor tasted it actually), but I knew that I had to try it. Even with my limited German I knew it was a Mocha Cream Torte... you had me at mocha! … [Read More...]

Raspberry Rhubarb Pie |

Raspberry Rhubarb Pie

I'm obsessed with Rhubarb this season.  Every time I pass it in at the market, I need to pick up at least 3 stalks of it.  This time, I made a tart, decadent, delicious Raspberry Rhubarb Pie with a lattice crust top!  To. Die. For.   This pie was my first attempt at making a lattice crust top too.  I posted a snapshot of it on Instagram and someone said it looked "rustic".  I wasn't sure to take that as an insult or a compliment at first.  But, I think I'll take it as a compliment. … [Read More...]

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble |

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

Tart rhubarb paired with sweet strawberry is a perfect summer flavor combination.  Top both fruits with a thick layer of crumble and you've got an amazing afternoon treat! I wasn't planning on posting this recipe.  Really, I just wanted to try out baking rhubarb and strawberry together to see how I liked the flavor.  I invited a few friends over with their kids to play and pulled this crumble out of the oven just in time for an afternoon treat. As soon as I saw it completely baked, I … [Read More...]

The Most Epic Cupcakes Ever! Guinness and Chocolate Cupcakes topped with Biscoff Buttercream, Bailey's Irish Cream Buttercream, Caramel Drizzle and a Chocolate dipped Bisocoff Cookie! |

Guinness Bailey’s Biscoff Chocolate Cupcakes – The Most Epic Cupcakes Ever!

There's really no other way to describe these Guinness Bailey's Biscoff Chocolate Cupcakes than by just calling them what they are... The Most Epic Cupcakes Ever! My friends Christy and Stefan live a few hours from away from us here in Germany.  Stefan and Dave went to basic training together 10 years ago and have been friends ever since.  Christy and I met in 2007 and have been Army family every since too!  They two of them came over for a Friday night BBQ and Christy insisted I make her … [Read More...]

Kaleidoscope Cookies | #CoreHome

Kaleidoscope Cookies

Classic butter cookie recipe made with powdered sugar rolled in rainbow jimmies make these delicious Kaleidoscope Cookies a fun treat!  I love baking cookies.  I love the Betty Crocker's Cooky Book. Put the two together and you've got me trying new recipes and new ways to bake!  In the past, I've only tried one roll and cut cookie and it wasn't a success, so when I came across this recipe for Kaleidoscope Cookies I thought they were too simple to try not to bake! Core Kitchen sent me these … [Read More...]

Secrets from your Favorite Food Bloggers - Real life stories about the mess-ups, mistakes and mishaps that happen behind the scenes of your favorite food bloggers! |

Secrets from your Favorite Food Bloggers

One morning as I was baking, I realized that my stand mixer was still dirty from the last time I used it and I thought to myself, my readers would probably be surprised to see my kitchen such a mess right now.  I, like most food bloggers, work really hard to produce incredibly beautiful photos of food, presented perfectly to inspire our readers. What all of us bloggers don't want you know to... all those pictures we post on our blog, well they took a whole lot of time, energy and usually a … [Read More...]

Andrut - A Traditional Polish Dessert |

Andrut: A Traditional Polish Dessert

Today, I welcome back Roxana sharing her recipe for Andrut, a traditional Polish dessert made with layers of crispy wafer and delicoius fillings topped with chocolate.  Hello, YUM!  Make sure to check out Roxana on Facebook at The Red Eye Baker or here on JavaCupcake for more of her fabulousness! Happy spring everyone! So I've decided as I navigate and learn the blogging world that one of my goals is to recreate and learn as many of my mom's recipes as possible. One of the challenges will … [Read More...]

5 Amazingly Simple Cake Decorating Ideas |

Five Amazingly Simple Cake Decorating Ideas

I have not typically been a huge fan of Martha Stewart, her recipes or tutorials.  However, I did come across a super sweet video tutorial on her website that shows Five Amazingly Simple Cake Decorating Ideas!  I hope that you learn something from this and try them on your cupcakes. Personally, I was inspired by the two-toned soft serve cupcakes.  I think I'll try that myself! Happy Baking! … [Read More...]

Easy Buttercream Baseball Cookies - A step-by-step tutorial! |

Easy Buttercream Baseball Cookies

Spring is here and that means BASEBALL has begun!  I am a HUGE baseball fan and have been a lover of the Seattle Mariners my entire life!  GO M's!  But can you believe that this is the first time I've ever made baseball cookies? I have been a baseball fan since birth.  My older brother Robert used to take me to Seattle Mariners games on the local city bus all throughout my childhood.  He'd teach me the ins and outs of the games, the line ups and I loved every minute of it.  We'd play … [Read More...]

Homemade Tomato Salsa |

Homemade Tomato Salsa

Fresh tomatoes, cilantro and lime make this tomato salsa the perfect side to your next taco night or Mexican fesita! A few weeks ago my husband and I went to the Nurnberg Easter Market to buy one thing and one thing only... A Nicer Dicer.  We've seen this chopping and dicing contraption at every market we've been to in Nurnberg and frankly, it was just time for us to bite the bullet and get one! Thanks to our new #NicerDicer we picked up at the Nürnberg Easter Market, my husband … [Read More...]