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{Review} Pinguino Eis – an Italian Gelato Cafe

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{Review} Pinguino Eis - an Italian Gelato Cafe in Grafenwoehr, Germany |

Nestled in a quiet military community in Bavaria, Germany Pinguino Eis, an Italian Gelato Cafe, serves homemade gelato treats to ice cream loving Americans, Germans and their families. A few weeks ago, I was given the privilege of taking a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run this authentic Italian gelato cafe and the process […] Read more…


{Review} Lola’s Cupcakes – London, England

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{Review} Lola's Cupcakes - London, England |

Located in one of the oldest, busiest, most famous Underground stations in London, Lola’s Cupcakes operates one of several remote kiosks selling their American-style cupcakes to locals and travelers! I found Lola’s Cupcakes almost by accident.  As we were heading back to the our hotel for the evening on our last full day in London, […] Read more…


{Review} Zuckerpuppe – Nürnberg, Germany

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{Review} Zuckerpuppe - Nürnberg, Germany by

Over the 4th of July weekend, my family and I made an impromptu trip to Nürnberg for an afternoon of Starbucks and shopping.  While we were there, my hubby decided to take me to Zuckerpuppe, a cupcake shop I had yet to go to.  Crazy, we’ve been here for over 2 years and I hadn’t been […] Read more…


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