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Espresso and Toffee Chip Brownies plus
Deployment Care Package #1

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Espresso and Toffee Chip Brownies by

Naturally, my husband forgot to pack a few things when he left for Afghanistan and asked me to send those things to him ASAP.  Obviously, this care package must include something delicious and baked… so these Espresso and Toffee Chip Brownies were created! This is Dave and his Platoon literally hours before they hopped on […]


Buckeye Brownies

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Buckeye Brownies by - Rich, dark chocolate brownie topped with peanut butter and chocolate #brownies #buckeye #peanutbutter

Buckeye Brownies – deep, dark, chocolate fudgey brownies topped with a peanut butter cream and a layer of dark chocolate ganache.  Perfect to cure the blues… the pre-deployment blues. Just a few weeks until my husband goes away for work for a very long time.  Oooohh man… and boy am I’m feeling the pre-deployment funk. […]


Half Baked Cake

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Half Baked Cake by - Fudge brownie cake layers with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough baked inside and cookie dough frosting

Thick, chewy layers of fudge brownie cake with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough baked inside are layered between a brown sugar cookie dough frosting make this Half Baked Cake inspired Ben & Jerry’s ice cream a cake that’s too good not to eat! Half Baked?  What’s that?  You’ve heard of Ben & Jerry’s ice […]


Red Velvet Valentine Brownie Bites

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Next week is one of the most popular holidays of the year… Valentine’s Day!  And I wanted to create something super special to celebrate the day!  Red Velvet Valentine Brownie Bites is what I made for you! Two years ago for Valentine’s Day, I made chocolate cupcakes filled with cream and topped with a chocolate […]

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