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Apple Salsa

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Tonight I’m making a chili and cinnamon rubbed port tenderloin for dinner… and I’m topping it off with apple salsa. Yup… that’s right. Salsa! But… not just any salsa… this salsa is borderline dessert like. It’s sweet, spicy and FULL of damn good flavor! (OMG did JC just swear? Yeah dude, this salsa is THAT […] Read more…

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Tomato & Basil Bruschetta

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Last week a new friend of mine mentioned that she was going to be making bruschetta.  It has been on my  mind ever since.  Several years back, my sister first introduced me to this delicious appetizer and I’ve loved it ever since.  I mean really, how can you not love tomato, garlic and basil?  YUM! […] Read more…

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