Cute kitties gone BAD & a few lessons learned

If my cats didn’t have their moments when they were so cute… if I didn’t feel guilty at the thought of getting rid of my cats… if one of them wasn’t a gift to my daughter for her birthday… I would so open my back door, kick them out and never let them back in!!! JERKS! I’m so mad at my cats right now.

So last night, I put together a trial run of a new flavor and recipe of cupcakes.  White chocolate strawberry. I figured the cupcake recipe itself would be just fine… it was a variation of a cupcake I had made before.  But, this time I tried baking a strawberry in the middle.  Not a good idea.  It affected the structre of the cupcake and they sunk in the middle.  Next time, I core the middle and fill after baking.

So the cupcakes were a little sunk in the middle, but HOLY COW they tasted DELICIOUS.  I whip up some extra strawberry filling and decide I’ll plug those holes with this strawberry goodness.  Yum.

On to the frosting.  White chocolate whipped cream.  Double yum.  I steep the milk with a vanilla bean, get it nice and warm then melt in the chocolate.  Just like the recipe said.  Ok… on to cooling.  Pop it in the freezer to speed up the process, it was late and I wasn’t in the mood for patience.  I think it’s sufficiently cold and start to whip it in my mixer with the whisk attachment.

2 minutes later… epic failure.  It looked as though the chocolate was separating from the cream.  I’m no expert, so I have no ideawhat was going wrong.  Maybe it really wasn’t cold enough.  Who knows.  Maybe I should have added the melted chocolate after I started whipping the cream?   I don’t know.  Ugh.

I put the filled, unfrosted cupcakes in my Martha Stewart cupcake case, lock closed the lid, clean up the kitchen a little bit and go to bed feeling defeated.

A few hours into sleep, I hear a crash out in the living room.  I figured the cats had knocked

something over but was too tired to care to get up and look.  This morning when I wake up, my husband informs me as I take my first steps into the living room that I’m not going to be happy because the cats knocked my case of cuppies on the floor, smushing them.


I knew it was my cupcakes last night when I heard that horrific crash.  I just knew it.   I was angry but really… what could I do?  They were cats, not people.  I could yell and scream all I wanted but I’m sure they’d do it again… in a heartbeat.

So now, my cupcakes sit in their case damaged beyond any repair I could possibly imagine.  Seriously, if I could, I’d probably still eat every last one of them though.  The white chocolate cake with the strawberry is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

I’ll try these again soon… I want them perfected by Valentine’s Day, just not today… or tomorrow… or the next day.

Lessons Learned:

  • Don’t bake with the cats in the house.  Lock them up in the back room until I’m done… and when I say done I mean every last cupcake is gone and the kitchen is back to being spotless.
  • Don’t try to skip steps when making filled cupcakes.  Baking a whole strawberry in the middle of a cupcake equals sunken cupcakes due to loss of structure.  Bake cupcakes, core centers and then fill.
  • When a recipe says to cool something before mixing it.  Don’t try to cut corners.  Allow yourself enough time to actually cool it before moving on to the next step.

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